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Nov 11 2010 1:29AM
Kaylee Maddison Hicks!<3
Kaylee you r the light of everyones life.
You r ur mommy's and daddy's world!
They would be lost with out you little girl!
You were way to young to go!
But you lived a good 2 years I would say!
From the moment I lied my eyes on you!
I knew you would be and Angel!
And I was right. You where and Angel.
An Angel with the worst thing that I hope no other kid will have to go through!
I wish you could have stayed longer with ur family!
But God said you had enough! And put you out of ur pain!
And I promise I will do everything I can to find a cure for Cancer!
I just can't believe my baby cousin is gone!
I really miss you KayleeBugg!!<3
We will see each other soon!
You r on my mind everyday KayleeBugg!
And everyday I go to ur grave and thank god for taking you!
I knew you were in pain! But you couldn't show it!
But Kaylee Maddison Hicks ur cousin Jake loves you! Very very much! And Misses you like crazy!!
~Kaylee Maddison Hicks<3 11.9.08 ~ 11.9.10~
Nov 6 2010 10:47PM
I'm sorry.
But I got to go.
Sooorry I screwed up.
Oct 9 2010 4:55PM
I guess it was all a lie??
Thanks for waitting):
Ill be fine.
I guess.
Sep 23 2010 9:17AM
Go ask me some questions
Sep 22 2010 12:15PM
Let's Get To Know Each Other
Jake ish the name
I am Bisexii(;
I like random things!
I love my family.
I am a naughty little thing(;
I am shy..
I am emo..
I cutt sometimes..
And thats about it..
Want to know more then message me..


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Oct 17 2010 4:52PM

JAKE! :]
Oct 10 2010 6:04AM

i love yewsh!
your amazing and awesome
~pinky bear~
Sep 25 2010 8:52AM

I just felt like commenting your pagggeee. LMFAO.
Sep 23 2010 8:59AM

RAWWH!! -slays all other comments-
I win(:
Sep 22 2010 2:36PM

best friend!!!!
Sep 22 2010 1:56PM

First Comment.
First Friend.
Damnnnnn, i'm pree special. (:
Well Jake The Naughty Boii, i'm not even sure how you got that name.
But oh well. Your pretty amazing, as far as i can see.
So that's really amazing.
Dont tell anyone this, but I think you are.....pwetty (:
Hehe. (: Shh! No one can know.
Anyways, *takes your comment virginity and eats it*
xoxox Sophia.

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