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Hii i'm jackie; I'm single;your cool lets talk. [:

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Aug 27 2010 2:41PM
new pictures(:
redhairrr. send me some love. <3
Apr 20 2010 3:13PM
Holllleeerr @me.
Feb 26 2010 7:22PM
I wanna do it with Jaaackiee.
This is Miranda, hackin' this amazinggg chick.
I love this girl with half my heart. The other half goes to TWINKIES! lol
I'ma fatty.

This girl is funk-a-delic. I love her to death, babe.
I would so take a bullet for her, if I had a bullet proof vest on.
She maakes me laugh, and smile, and feel better about myself.
I could write a novel about how much I love this chick.
But , there's not enough words in the world.

She's taken,
She's goregous. Fuuck, I'm so jealous.
I'm like the first person EVER TO HACK HER! I'm just that cool.

Well, I'ma get to goin'. I just have one more thing to say.

Love you


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Feb 2 2011 8:20PM

May 24 2010 8:03PM

Happy Birthday Jackie!!! :D
Even though we don't talk much, still!
May 17 2010 5:13PM

I miss you so much gurrrl!
Message me?
]: <3
Marissa. <3
May 10 2010 8:08PM

Well Me & You Should Go Kill College! >: o
In The 1st Of June! ;o
Marissa. <3
Apr 19 2010 6:49PM

I Miss You Jackiee! :/
Get Onnn! >: o
Apr 18 2010 11:59AM

Baby, I miss you.
I love you Jackieee.
Apr 12 2010 10:45PM

You shine through me,
showing me the way, into your arms.
Show me the way. All the way to your heart.
I'll hang on, im ready for this ride. Take me away,
to a better place. A place where you and I.. can be.
We will be together, in a warm embrace.
In this world so cold, Cold enough to break us down.
Down to were we lay, Laying close and holding on.
Holding on to our love, A love that is so strong,
Strong enough to hold us together. Together forever,
Forever with you is what i want, I want you to love me,
Me.. the boy who loves you for you, You.. the girl who i adore..
I adore you more than anything and everyone, Everyone means nothing
when it comes to you, You.. are who i will always love.<3

To: Jackie
From: Chase
Mar 10 2010 1:36AM

You're my baby. And im taking you everywhere i go. (:

Mar 3 2010 12:24AM

Its been 3 months baby. (: <3
I know its hard, cause we are never on at the same time.
But, not once did i stop thinking of you, and how you are doing.
I miss you and am so much in love with you Jackie.
I want to thank you for staying by myside, and not getting
fed up with not hearing from me for weeks at the most.
We got somethin goin' on. (; I love you babe.

More than words can describe.<3
Marissa. <3
Feb 27 2010 6:14PM

65th comment hoes! ;O

Love you more JackieWackiee!
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