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Hey. Guess what? I'm a bitch, a drama queen, a sweet heart, a gossiper, a 'nerd', an attention seeker, a volleyball player, and I have low self esteem. I don't give a fuck what you think of me. Anything else? Inbox me.

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Oct 31 2011 9:14PM
Happy Halloween.<3.
Oct 19 2011 8:46PM
I told you so;)
He wants me back
He won't leave her though
I was free
Until he kissed me
Sparks flew
It was so right
but so wrong at the same time
I knew I would give in
awh well.
He might have you but he wants me
you're just his game.
I'm the prize.
I'll keep you my dirty little secret<3
I promise ;*
Sep 10 2011 5:13PM
This might be my last blog. . .
I cant believe it.
I'm nicer.
I'm more social.
I'm not being compared to anyone.
I have higher self-esteem.
I finally feel pretty.
Even if he doesn't want me.
He'll want me when i'm gone.
So here I go.
I'm getting gone.
With my head held high.
I'm escaping his grasp.
I'm my own leader.
I'm my own best friend.
I'm my own person.
I've finally accepted myself.
Sep 10 2011 3:38PM
Stereo Hearts
My heart's a radio
It beats for you so listen close<3
Aug 1 2011 12:46PM
Inbox ;
You + Me + A room alone??
7.make out

How good do i look from 1-10 (1-ugly / 10-HoTT)
[ ] 1
[ ] 2
[ ] 3
[ ] 4
[ ] 5
[ ] 6
[ ] 7
[ ] 8
[ ] 9
[ ] 10

Would you rather..
[ ] Do me
[ ] Date me

Would you rather be on top or bottom?
[ ] Top
[ ] Bottom

Would you be sad if I moved?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you come visit me?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Am I..
[ ] Hott
[ ] Slick
[ ] Sexy
[ ] Cute

Would you rather..
[ ] Makeout
[ ] Cuddle
[ ] Fuhhhccckk
[ ] Kiss

Do you want to go out with me?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Would you give me your number?
[ ] Yes ( - - ) <-----leave ya numba
[ ] No

Are you going to repost this so I can answer for YOU?
[ ] Yes
[ ] No
Aug 1 2011 12:45PM
Question thingy >.<
Sleep with or without clothes on? with O.O
Pefer black or blue pens? black
Dress up on Halloween? sometimes
Like to travel? Yup
Like Someone? yes
Do they know? idk
Think you're attractive? Idk
Want to get married? yeah .
Are you a good student? Yup
Are you currently happy? Hell yeah
Have you ever cheated? on what? xD
Been cheated on? Hell na
Birthplace? a hospital o.o
Christmas or Halloween? christmas
Colored or black-and-white photo? Black and white
Do long distance relationships work? sometimes
Do you believe in love at first sight? yes.
Do you consider yourself the life of the party? somtimes
Do you make fun of people? yeaah . ._.
Do you think dreams eventually come true? yes
Favorite fictional character? idk
Go to the movies or rent? go .
Have you ever moved? Lots.
Have you ever stolen anything? yes
How's the weather right now? hot as hell .
Last time you cut your hair? a month or 2 ago
Last person you talked to on the phone? Rebecca
Last time you showered? after volleyball practice
Loud or soft music? loudd .
Mcdonalds or Burger King? Mcdonalds .
Night or day? night .
Number of pillows? 764988659732634 lol jk 4
Future job? Lawyer
Current job? school .
Current love? Idk
Current disappointment? . . .
Current annoyance? b****es at volleyball -.-
Last thing you ate? i dont remember.
Last thing you bought? Music
Aug 1 2011 12:39PM
He's mine(;
**** you b****, he's mine(;
Jul 1 2011 12:02AM
**** Love
I don't have what you call it
I'm gonna live
i'm gonna live like there's no ****ing tomorrow
I'm tired of regretting the past.
Can't change it.
Never could.
**** Love. **** Life. **** it all.
b**** this is who I am.
Suck it up. I really don't give a **** what you think about me.
I got five fingers. The middle one is for you.
Jun 4 2011 10:29AM
I told him
I told him i liked him.
He told me he loved me.
I said i didn't love him so I couldn't say it back.
He got mad.
I talked him out of it.
I refuse to lie to him.
He means too much to me to lie.
But his mom wont let him talk to me anymore.
Because they all hate me.
But he loves me.
May 30 2011 10:35PM
this **** pisses me off
May 24 2011 5:44PM
Emo people

Ok listen up all you emo people? why the hell are you emo it doesn't make sense to me. you think your life is so damn hard emo kids well listen here. try going and live in a third world country for a week. try going without food, water, shelter, and clothing. i bet none of you would survive. you think you have it so hard in america in reality you have it pretty good. and don't say "well my parents hate me" and "i will never find true love" bull **** on both. for one your parents let you use a computer if your on here right so i guess thats a way of showing you love and two if you consider dating someone on a game website you are pathetic because first off like all the profile pictures are fake so you dont know what they look like and secondly you will never see them in your life. So i hope i get my message across emo people because it is redictulous to see all you faggots say your life is bad when people in third world countries have it ten times worse. you all are really pathetic...

May 30 2011 9:32PM
Subject: your blog.
Aight. that's bull ****. Many "emo kids" are abused mentally and physically, EVERYDAY. you say that try going without food water shelter blahblahblah. GUESS ****ING WHAT? they do. eveyday. Just because we live in america doesnt mean we have it good. so shut the **** UP. It's people like you that bring their self esteem down and cause them to be more depressed, it's people like you to make them think they need to kill theirselfs. They are EMOTIONALLY disturbed. not ****ING EMO. why do i know this? I saw my BEST FRIEND cut herself. i talked my BEST FRIEND out of DEPRESSION after HER MOM killed herself BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU. So shut the **** UP and you know what? i CANT WAIT till you get your ASS BEAT for that.


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love me
Dec 14 2010 9:43PM

love the pic sista
love me
Dec 13 2010 10:55AM

hey chickie..
love me
Dec 12 2010 9:16PM

hey AMY lol yeah this weekend semms great hehe get bak to me soon gurly
tomy boy
Nov 25 2010 1:17PM

ur amazing

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