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Nov 6 2009 10:24PM
Im out done bye
Oct 31 2009 10:03PM
had a shaving cream fight with my friends
Oct 29 2009 4:02PM
some oen that i know needs to message me
Oct 25 2009 10:07PM
steph said she's a guy over the phone
Oct 19 2009 9:54PM
hah(: i figured out your password it wasnt obvious at all lol love ya, Kylee
Oct 18 2009 4:28PM
JeszEk♥h here ^.^
And im hacking luigi! :]
haha. :P

i just wanted to say that...
Luigi is one of my besties! that i have known for a long time..
i think O.o
well anywho...
i just wanted to say that luigi is a berry AHH-mazing buddie :]
and if anyone messes with him...
ull wake up in the middle of the night with an naked old lady next to u...
ya i can do that kind of stuff XD

I love you Luigi ((AS a friend))
Oct 18 2009 4:20PM
Holy hello kitty.
Haha Its Chelsea. I love hello kitty.
but this isnt about me this is about luigi.
haha I love you dude. your sooo ****ing sick minded but that why i love you...
your amazing.
buh bye now....
Oct 18 2009 3:38PM
Emma here, hacking thiz ahmazing dudez account ;]
Luigi iz fxcking amazing & hez my Best Friend..
Actually even more like a brother :]]]
We've been through bad timez...
& im glad we've still stuck together & stayed buddiez^_^
Whenever im sad, he can alwayz make me laugh or smile..
i don't know how but he doez.
i love him to Death <3
Any of you dumb hoez mezz with him..
i'll rip your face off & eat it !! ^-^
Hehe, love you <3

~EmMa ♥

[[Haha, your welcome Kaley]]
Oct 18 2009 3:22PM
Hi Hoes!
Well It's Kylee Miranda♥ here hacking Luigi
ahh what do i say about Luigi
well First of all
i Fxcking love this guy
hah(; he's always there for me when i need it the most
and he's a perve but thats okay
lol this pimp is pretty amazing
anywho gonna go back on my account cause i have nothing more to say
except that my blog is the best one on this page
Oct 18 2009 3:11PM
So, I've known Luigi since i first started this gay site.
He's deffff. one of my best friends.
Yeah, at one point in time i had feelings for him butttttt all gone ^_^
Haha. Edward is not a homo!
I'm glad to have you here, i already lost Tony. I would hate to lose you two.


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Oct 31 2009 11:10PM

Happy Holloween Mofo Bissh
-throws candy @ u- =3
hopes its a good one=D
hii pplz undeer mii^.^
Oct 31 2009 1:04PM

Happy Halloween !! ;D
-throwz cand at you-
Oct 29 2009 6:51PM

no thats not what we were talking aobut lo
Oct 29 2009 6:33PM

yupp yours are the best!
Oct 25 2009 5:14PM

How are yuh?
Oct 25 2009 5:00AM

Hey Luigi
Oct 24 2009 3:32PM

Lol lucky you
Oct 24 2009 2:09PM

Soo i have yours too :P
Oct 12 2009 6:37PM

I try to talk to u, but u ****en don't talk to me!! :(
Oct 11 2009 7:30PM

Why did yuh leave the chat!? Meany!
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