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Mar 28 2010 3:45AM
miss her,, now sonny, this is what we call a tradgedy.
i miss her, holding her..
feeling like all my troubles and worries are gone when im with her but i dont know what to do now,,
and omg maci, i broke my promise.
Mar 28 2010 3:42AM
So it seems you have a new bf everytime i see you, SLUT!
Feb 20 2010 12:22AM
Sara. :(
Forgive me ;'(
Feb 20 2010 12:15AM
Is she trapped in yet?
shes friends with them already.
will she break or stay?
like them, she dosent care.
but, thats what others say.
i think she does care.
if she knew it wasnt good for her to like them..
i really dont know what she would do.
they caused so much hurt, heartbreak.
do me a favor..
dont get trapped in the attention.
i know how it feels to be rejected by your own friends.
feeling like im going to die.
but,,youre stronger than me.
you'll make it.
Feb 4 2010 12:01AM
I Izz Confused. D:<
Who is she? just noticed she is a Mystery. i dont know what to do :p
im scared to talk to her. cause i know ill say something dumb. like..something about lemons err something!! Gosh.
*kills another cat* WTF
Jan 31 2010 11:04PM
awkward 2 seconds in the chatroom xD
Lol so i wentinto thee chatroom and i landed on top of random strangers. i was like Omfg. I Just raped someone. i need a life :xx
Jan 27 2010 10:57PM
its funny that you did that. it really is but thats not what im upset with. (:
Jan 27 2010 10:43PM
so i'll fake a smile just to please and hold back from letting go of my sanity. dont mess with me emotions and i'll be fine (:
Jan 27 2010 10:22PM
Shut the eff up sara xD
yes you did and you know it!! D:<
Jan 27 2010 9:57PM
like they put the words in my mouth?
technically. i didnt say a word.


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Mar 28 2010 7:44PM

Feb 24 2010 5:53PM

Feb 20 2010 10:28PM

Its okay.
And Whaa? o.o
Feb 14 2010 11:09PM

Hαρρу Vαιэитιизѕ Dαу!!!♥ &ILoveYouu♥
Feb 5 2010 7:03PM

are you that guy from youtube?!
AllyAddiction< 3
Jan 23 2010 1:26PM

I'm on!
But your not on D':
AllyAddiction< 3
Jan 13 2010 3:18PM

heyyyy (;
Dec 27 2009 9:05AM

I'm your booty call ,
back off hoes, (;
AllyAddiction< 3
Dec 9 2009 6:11PM

-poke back-
helloo. tehe(:
AllyAddiction< 3
Dec 4 2009 9:34PM

-hugs back-
hehe :3
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