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Feb 8 2010 7:17PM
Some girl just said i was creppy :/
Now I'm upset :/
Well It's better then fat i guess
But creppy sounds like a stalker! And i'm not a stalker! >;(
Feb 7 2010 7:32PM
Eww i got my hair done!
I don't really like it's ugly D:
And the girl at the store said i was fat :/
So Jess i am fat cause she said so :/
Feb 6 2010 8:28PM
I can't wait untilll i get my hair done!!! ;D
I'm so happy! ;D
But i don't know what look i'm getting though D:
And like i said before i'm so frucking happy ;D

Feb 6 2010 2:31AM
I'm Fat,Get Over It :/


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Mar 12 2010 11:25AM

Trey I wuv you
Feb 9 2010 11:52PM

try its not you falut dont say that
its no ones fault...shes just going though some ruff times right now
Feb 9 2010 11:26AM

Ahahah Thats good that you like it Hun (: <3
Love u trey..
Ur #1 Fan,
Jessica<3 (: LMFAO :D
Feb 8 2010 8:53PM

Yay!.....Wait now your offline:(
Feb 8 2010 8:47PM

hahah ok ok
Feb 8 2010 8:43PM

Like a few hours ago!
and im always on just never when you are
Feb 8 2010 8:40PM

do you not want to be....?
Feb 8 2010 8:33PM

ok thank you.....good luck
Feb 8 2010 8:14PM

i know but i still feel like it
if you do see her tell her im sorry for yelling at her and that i love her (Besties way)
Feb 8 2010 8:04PM

omg i feel sooo bad now!!!
im soo sad now...i feel like its my fault
and i feel bad for you that you had to witness it!!
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