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~NEW ACCOUNT~ itz:: TearzOfLove,, i won't be on thiz one. so add me on mi other one not thiz one.

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Nov 9 2008 11:47AM
i have a new account.. itz: TearzOfLove
Nov 3 2008 8:32AM
Everyday i share with you i fall in love with you all over again <3 <33
Oct 26 2008 11:31AM
A Snowy Day [[Another dream i had]]
i dreamed about you again <3. okiez thiz iz what happened in my dream... Az we walk along the cold path, white flakez start to fall around uz, you said it'z snowing, how beautiful!, though at that time i couldn't see anything but you, az the snow fell silently around uz, you took my hand and looked into my eyez and said i will love you forever Emma, then i said i will love you forever too Ruben, then you huged me tight and graved my hand and we walked off.. then i woke up.... Now az i think back on that moment, i fall down on my kneez into the silence of the snow, i think of you, and how i fell for you.
Oct 26 2008 10:00AM
So True <33
"A word you can forget. A kizz you can erase. And your tearz disappear... But your memory will never leave my heart." <33
Oct 25 2008 7:48PM
~your the only thing that keepz me wishing on a wishing star. your the song in the car i keep singing over and over. your the only one that haz enough of me to break my heart. your the time taken up but therez never enough and your all that i need to fall into. i love u so very much Ruben <3 <3~
Oct 24 2008 11:24PM
Ruben im gonna mizz u terebly!! i can't belive i won't see u for a whole month. i love u deeply and i can't even tell u how much im gonna mizz u. i love u forever and ever baby <3
Oct 23 2008 2:47PM
¸¸.•*¨*• Løve¸¸.•*¨*•
our love towardz each other grew from the time i met you, our love for one another will never faint, it will only keep growing everytime i see your face, you love me, i love you, you need me, i need you more, everything i here you say makez me want to live, everything you tell me goez straight to my heart, watch those wordz that leave your lipz, my heart iz waiting and it can’t get ripped, heartz can live but when to much pain takez over, they die and never love again, thiz iz my last love, if we don’t work out then thiz will be my end, you are my life, i told u i would love you alwayz and forever, that waz true, i alwayz will.
Oct 22 2008 2:36PM
i had thiz dream last night...
i waz alone in the woodz walking and then someone came and started chasing me. i waz running and running and it seemed like the woodz would never end. then i tripped and fell, tearz started fallin down my face. i looked up and the person i waz running from waz myself. then some boy came out from behind a tree, it waz Ruben. he walked over toward me and sat down next to me. i looked at him tearz still fallin from my face out of fear. i waz so afraid and scared, flash backz started running threw my head. all the flash backz were horrible, i started thinking of when my parentz died and when my cat died and all the people that are so cruel to me at school. i strated to cry even harder. then Ruben turned to me and huged me so tight that i had no more sadnezz or fearz and i stoped crying. i felt safe and protected. then he kizzed me gently on the forhead and rested my head in hiz armz.. at that momment he didn't need to say anything all he needed to do waz keep holding me and never let go. az i waz laying in hiz armz all he did waz watch me. i felt protected and i started to fall asleep in hiz armz.. before i completly fell asleep i herd him whisper softly "sweet dreamz. emma... i will never let you go, i love you emma". he never stoped watching over me... then i woke up.
Oct 20 2008 3:23PM
My Happy Ending Story<333
Once Upon A Time there waz a boy named Ruben and a girl named Emma. When Emma met Ruben she fell for him right away. She couldn't help it he waz so amazing. One day they told one another how they felt about each other and then they started to date. Emma loved him so much and Ruben loved her a lot too but Emma still felt some sadnezz in here cuz she loved him so much that she waz afraid of loosing him again. Then one day Ruben took Emma outside into the night were the starz were shinning so bright and just gazed into her eyez and she gazed back into hiz eyez. Then Ruben graved Emma holding her so tight and said "i will never let u go, i will love u forever Emma". Emma trusted hiz whole word. Then Emma gazed into hiz sparkling eyez and kizzed him and then she said "i will never let u go either, i will love u alwayz and forever Ruben". Then Ruben took Emma'z hand and brought her off into the moonlight were they walked together. Ruben never let her go and Emma never let him go. They loved each other forever and lived Happily Ever After. The Perfect Happy Ending Story <3
Oct 20 2008 3:01PM
Finally :D
i have a love that iz true. i feel 4 u and u cought me and loved me too. i know u love me but i love u so much that i am still afraid of loosing u again. i hope we will be together 4ever.


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Nov 9 2008 11:20PM

kk addin you
Nov 9 2008 8:54PM

okaay ill add u Ü
Nov 9 2008 8:31PM

okayzz sure ill add you =]
Nov 9 2008 6:41PM

i'll add u :)
Nov 9 2008 5:08PM

Kay ill Add youu =)
Nov 9 2008 3:19PM

Kaay, I'll Add You. ^_^
Nov 9 2008 3:07PM

ok ill add u
Nov 9 2008 11:46AM

Haii Emma :]
Nov 7 2008 9:06PM

showing ur page some love
Nov 6 2008 12:19AM

Awwez that really dose sux =-(
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