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Is dating candy aka sexygirl 101. I love her to death she means the world to me, and if u don't like that then get off my pg. I have her back just like she has mine, so don't Starr any shit or u will have to deal with her. I luv u candy, and mean it :)

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Apr 25 2010 10:11AM
misses my girl :(
i miss u brandi. im srry. im srry i left on short notice. i got grounded. i still wuv u.
*Cries in a corner*
Oct 5 2009 4:01PM
I can't even begin to put into words how much I love you, but I can at least try. You literally complete me in every way possible, I couldn't even contemplate living one second without you. You're my rock, my world and everything I need, my soulmate and best friend for now and forever. I love you with every tiny piece of my heart, you mean the world to me, you're my missing jigsaw piece, and without you I am incomplete. I love you so much Brandi♥ Our Day; 10.1.09
Sep 28 2009 9:12PM
baby, to me u r perfect in every single way
i really believe that we were meant to be together forever ♥
i love you baby =]
Sep 28 2009 8:55PM
im srry, but i want brandi. i know her more, and i know the reason she loves me, and me and her have our future planned out. im srry. im going to go with brandi
Sep 27 2009 7:19PM
i thought things through. i want u to unblock me. i miss talking u
Sep 27 2009 5:20PM
im srry. can u plz unblock me? i promise i will stop asking questions when u tell me to
Sep 26 2009 1:55AM
thanks sarah
ok, im not going going to kill myself. thanks 2 my really good friend, well, close friend, she helped me out, and told me not to kill myself. and she knows how i feel, so when im down, and my girl isnt on, i talk to her, well, i tal to sarah all the time. but she always fixes me and i want to say that i LOVE u sarah! (as a really close friend)
Sep 26 2009 1:39AM
heart broken :/

depressed, going to kill myself
Sep 25 2009 9:05PM
I LOVE U BRANDI!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
Brandi, I love you ^.^ your amazing in every single way
I'm so glad your mine and only mine!
I'm yours forever and ever!
I want this to last forever!
Your beauiful!
Sorry guys, she is mine!
Sep 24 2009 5:33PM
awwww this is sweet
We haven't known each other for very long..
Still we liked each other even after a terrible fight..
When I got a heart defect, u cried..
But when I left the town to have an operation, u didn't even say goodbye..
I was lucky..
Somebody gave me his/her heart..
I went home see u..
But I didn't find u..
Nobody told me where u were..
So I asked ur mother..
She said with lots of tears:
Don't u know who gave u that heart?

Copy and paste this if u believe in true Love i would give my heart for u any day


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sexy girl 101
Jan 4 2011 5:03PM

you make me so happy if you ever leave me i swear i will die
i <3 you
Aug 9 2010 11:40AM

hey,just showing your page some love
Aug 9 2010 9:57AM

hey ur really cool and dnt change :)
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 6 2009 9:51PM

cause he wanted to check his email
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 5 2009 9:40PM

*startz to cry*
no luke im not mad at u, and u kno i love you to death
my step dad took the computer from me and by the time he got off it wuz dinner time, then chores
so now is the only time i get to use the computer
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 3 2009 3:57PM

really luke? *lookz up at u*
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 3 2009 3:54PM

*blushes and smilez* ♥
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 3 2009 3:50PM

*fallz asleep*
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 3 2009 3:47PM

*kisses u softly*
☺LiV!nG dEÄD☻
Oct 3 2009 3:42PM

awwww =D
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