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mi casa, United States
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Everything is so much better<3:) I couldn't be happier<3^_^ I really was worth it in the end<3 everything does get worse, sadly, before it gets better, but in the long run, it won't matter<3:) Now I can focus on being myslef again<3 and volleyball!!:D yay

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Dec 28 2011 12:31AM
It's been ages since I even thought about this place!:b Yea, some thinghaven't changed, but at the same time so much is different! Meeting new people<3 some heart breaks:( but also some repairs:) alot has changed and for the better:) despite the bumps in the road, still working on it all:) even tho boys make me wanna pull my hair out-.-" but still love em?? Haha:b still got alot to figure out and straighten up, but oh well:b thanks to those who were a huge help, love ya!<3
Dec 31 2010 3:32AM
My phone:(
Ugh, I feel so lonely...
Without my phone is like without a life...
Im finally gonna do it...
Gonna finally talk to her about it...
Been fearing it for a long while now..
But what have i got to lose??
My life??
Doesn't seem like i have one??
My school??
No space.
Too expensive.
So got nothing to lose, hopefully all goes well...
Dec 30 2010 2:09AM
If you're a good advice giver,
And are willing to help a stranger,
Or you know me and I don't know you,
Or vice versa????.
Please message me or comment me,
Kinda looking for an outside opinion...
Please and thank you very much...
Dec 20 2010 12:34AM
Yay Technology!!<33:D
Got an app on my iPod!:D
And it for texting!!<33:D
Now I can text pol through my iPod!!:D
Take that mommy!!>:D
Dec 19 2010 1:14AM
Christmas Break
That's when I'm gonna get all my answers.
I will finally realize what the answer is.
I'm gonna set things straight.
Figure out it all.
And do what I gotta do.
Well Nothin to do but wait.
Wait for an absolution.
That will never come.
Dec 16 2010 1:20AM
You double crosser!!!
You back stabber!!
How dare you!!!
That was an absolute low!!!
Darn you, you pee pee!!
Why're you doing this?!?
What did I ever do to you?!?
Tell me cuz I'm clueless?!?!
Your an aghhhhhhh!! D'X
Alot. :'(
Dec 13 2010 8:50PM
If only...
If only it never happened,
If only we never did that,
If we didn't make that one mistake,
We'd be able to be together,
Without her in the way,
If only you could see how I feel,
If only you'd listen to me for once,
You'd understand me maybe,
If only you would stop with the negatives and move on,
If only you saw other than ur point of view,
If only you knew ur daughter well enough,
If only you'd let her trust you,
If only you could be her friend,
If only you'd cut the name calling,
If only you'd go to the loving,
If only you'd just accept these mistakes,
And finally move on,
If only you'd be the mother that was like,
My older best friend,
If only she came back,
If only is all I can say cuz obviously,
That's as close as imma get :'(...
Dec 13 2010 1:19AM
Oh My Goodness! O.o
Why am I still thinking bout that??! O.o
Ptoy-Ptoy!! :x
No no no no no!
There's no possible way!
It was just a friendly thing!
Stop it!
Just a forgiving!
End of story!
Dec 12 2010 1:29AM
That was so much fun<3:)
I think I finally got the cumbias down!:D
That dance....
Just, idk I felt something??
Idk if it was good or bad???
Oh well??
I guess we'll never know??
Dec 11 2010 12:08AM
Sooooo BORED!! O.o
Anyone wanna talk??
Bored as hell:/...
Just want it to be tomorrow already..


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hey y havent u been on

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