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Apr 29 2010 8:50PM
Oct 17 2009 11:04AM
▒▒▒▓ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓
Oct 17 2009 11:03AM
omg im really bored send me messages people!
Sep 14 2009 6:15PM
im sick with idk wt it sucks but i didnt got to go to school today!=D
Aug 30 2009 9:06PM
god is awsome!
┼ Post this on your page if you love god and you aren't ashamed of it. Don't back down now because since God knows that you read this and you didn't repost this, he will punish you. Remember, all you do on earth is counted, and theres no one to stop you, but when God is deciding whether or not to punish you or reward you, since you didn't copy and paste this, and you are ashamed of it, he will frown at you and punish you. God forgives all that are worthy of it. If you don't copy and paste this in the next 10 minutes, that means that you are ashamed of God, and he will punish you. This is not just a meaningless chain letter, this is a test whether you are a believer, or someone who is not worthy of a reward
Aug 30 2009 8:52PM
my new manly best friend
i have a new manly best friend his name is henry he is like so manly and jake is now my girly best friend
Aug 9 2009 12:37AM
bye bye
im leaving this site i will get on every once in a while but nobody cares...so.....BYE XD
Jul 29 2009 1:02AM
im soooooo bored i got my nails done today.........they are awome-ish! =D
Jul 27 2009 12:15PM
shopping buddy
i havent talked to my shopping buddy in ages =P lol
Jul 23 2009 7:13PM
.......... >=[
From: Ren
Date: Jul 23 2009 6:55PM
Subject: .

ur on crack


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Jul 27 2009 4:07PM

Jul 16 2009 10:59AM

hey lets est togerthe lol ice cream sandwiches and blueberries..lol

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