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Jan 3 2009 12:57AM
Okay, guys, just so you know, I am NOT single... I have had a lot of people messaging me about this? I mean, it's out of the question! You just do NOT meet 'people' over the internet... I am totally against like 'soul mate finders' like eHarmony- it's so... WRONG!? Love at first sight, peoples! You'll meet your soul mate someday when you're sitting at a sidewalk cafeteria just reading your trashy novel and sipping your luke-warm coffee, and then you look up- and it's HIM... yes, HIM. And you know! No way you will find your true love on eHarmony, no way, jose! You just can't. But I'm rambling. Anyway, just wanted to message telling y'all HAPPY NEW YEAR! OMG! It's 2009! BTW, you guys don't leave comments enough! I feel like I'm out of the circle of 'love'! Bibi y'all! I'm on if u wanna talk!
Dec 20 2008 12:21AM
Next Goal!
Okay, guys! My next goal is 5,000 views! It would REALLY help if y'all would just tell friends about me!

Nov 30 2008 12:33AM
Christmas Carol
I'm watching that movie, and I really really hate it. It's really scary! I hate the musik... I love the movie, though, and the guy who plays Scrooge. :) okay... my favorite line is, "Huh?" "WHat?" "Nothing." "What?" "Oh I... never mind" "?" "Thought you said something." "Uh.. no" It's from when they're in Crotchet's house, and the jovial fat guy is with Scrooge there.... yeah well anyway. My mom is doing impersonations of the creepy last spirit. It's really funnyt because she keeps pointing across the screen to... ? Hmm! Watch the movie.
Nov 22 2008 3:35AM
Yeah I'm having a sleepover with my friends Mclean and Kelsey... We spent the past like 5 hours making youtube vids. I haven't gotten on mostfungames in a really long time. I have over 1000 views! Thanks a lot, you guys! I reached my goal.
Oct 12 2008 4:48PM
Okay, guys! I'm about to hit the triple digit views here! Help a sister out... VIEW VIEW VIEW. If you add me as a friend, I'll view your profile 10 times. How bout that, huh?
Luv u all...Horserider215
Oct 5 2008 12:50AM
So Yeah
Sorry guys... haven't been on in a while. Just chillin' like a villin' (hehe) Uh gots my puppy! She is so cute. Anyway, I taught her "sit" today and we're working on "stay". Now, get this straight, I've had this puppy for only 3 weeks and she already depends on me a follows me everywhere. She's really nice but kinda smart so she gets into trouble a lot. My mom's pulling her hair out over here about her peeing on the floor (I mean come on- she's only 4 months old! Whatd'ya expect?) So yeah. Luv y'all. SO CLOSE TO 1000 VIEWS! Keep viewing me!
Aug 14 2008 12:24AM
Views! Again!
Wow! 700! Keep 'em coming!
Aug 1 2008 1:03AM
Okay that's my password for Classroom 3, Chapter 3, Act 7. I'm going to play the first one now because the third one is SO hard. You can use the password if you want... I don't care.
Jul 31 2008 6:55PM
AHHA! Six hundred views! Yay! Happy Thursday! Okay! Bye!
Jul 15 2008 9:13PM
Hi! Again. So yeah... sorry I had a rough time there for a while, but all is good now! :) So yeah first I was SUCH a dum dum because I'm that kind of person that blames everything on everyone else, which isn't a very considerate thing for me to do. I thought someone had gotten on to my website and had changed EVERYTHING, like my email and password and such. But then I remembered today, right now, that I had also changed my email... cause I got a new one. So I tried it and voila! IT WORKED. So yeah. Wow! My views went FLYING up when I was gone! I never thought I'd be this popular. Except now I'm looking at all these people with like 2,351,864 views. And I shrink back into my little corner of "no one knows me now". And I die. But that's okay cause I get like 2 views a day, probably just from my friends though. So I really am NOT that popular. So yeah! Happy to be back! Leave a comment! Luv y'all!


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$Green Girl$
Jan 3 2009 2:47PM

Yeah!!! Go Twilight! Lol
Sep 27 2008 10:25PM

We have not talked in while.
Jun 23 2008 5:56PM

Oh neva mind I just read u intro I thought u were 22 bt cool u 15
Jun 23 2008 5:55PM

OMG I love dat resturant Jaliscos it sucks dat u could not go cuz u had to get surgery

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