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Jul 19 2011 6:29PM
They tryin to tell everyone these days that we at war
Wit an enemy that’s just out on your front door
Only a few people really know the score
They the ones that adore the case for war
It’s called war-profiteering you should know that by now
Halliburton, **** Cheney, The Wicked Witch
Stealin from the poor and givin to the rich
They lies penetratin your brain through the TV screen
It’s called Fox news *****, what else you seen?
I stopped carin’
Stopped scarin’
Stopped starin’ into the sun
Stopped *****in’ about the need to own a gun
They killed Sadat wit em for being a dirty traitor
They killed King wit em for bein an innovator
Just depends how you see it
Through the eyes of the beholder
But I guess if you put a gun in your hands that makes you bolder
Quicker to shoot
Quicker to loot
Quicker to pull a blade on a ***** for bein a fruit loop
Quicker to judge
And slower to think
Slower to take the time to let it sink
Into your head that this threat don’t exist
Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden? Who’s the real terrorist?
The answer is simple friend don’t hesitate
To hate the state that controls your very fate
America, land of the free, home of the brave
Did we forget to mention Guantanamo? That’s the home of the slaves
We liberatin Iraq
Freein Afghanistan
These countries were better off without the US hand
All over the world
All up in other people’s ****
Then they wonder why the planes flyin at the towers were such a direct hit
Jul 19 2011 6:18PM
Another freestyle
yo........im a fresh man, hold my gat at hip i insert the clip, reload then equip and let niggaz know to run when bullets start to spit. and rip this **** again incase we dont hit, its b****es that aint **** and money go get, its money over b****es is the sayin i roll wit, and my paper is so thick that i cant even fold it bought a pound yesterday and already sold it. got my gat on the side you know i hold it. 28 's on my ride and cant even controll it bcuz imma fresh man and i been gettin paid, I make Bill Gates look like minumum waige, but aint my age cuz im only 14, wear shades when you walk by bcuz my ice gleems and my flo give you chills like ice cream. i got alot of dough so i can buy nice things. (someone finish please) ??
Jul 19 2011 5:58PM
A rap I need help finishing and I need a edit
baby into some fun ****, go crazy when that tounge hit. I run ****, its like she trained how i make her cum quick. Now she screamin bcuz i get her wet like a sunk ship, baby right good on her tail bone and i get head like a cell phone, she yell and moan yes because im big like im well grown, harder than 12 stones, hotter than hells clones, she never home bcuz she always with me so i hit hard and have her head bangin like she emo, i be her hero and put her legs were her ears go.


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Oct 1 2011 4:34PM

i dont get your raps

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