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Hard to believe I've been a member of this site for almost four years. Let the gooood times roolll. (Edit) It has now been 8 years, the good times just keep rolling...

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Jun 29 2016 9:27PM
Not The End
Another year has passed, and I'm still alive. That's a positive.

Thank you 17-year-old me for the kind words, I really needed them tonight. I wanted to say something positive to the 19-year-old me, but I'm drawing a blank. Well, hopefully you have a ****ing job finally and are reading this from your apartment and not Mom or Dad's basement. You didn't graduate on time, but life goes on, you will get through it. You will do something big someday, and none of this bull**** will matter.

As for you, MostFunGames.com, I still love ya. I've been a registered member since 2008, and in less than two years my account will be 10 years old. Thank you for the memories as a child, you've played a big role in me becoming who I am today.

So Noah, in 2017, when you're most likely going to be reading this. Don't give up on your passion. Please be alive to write a part three to this yearly saga. Love you buddy.

P.S. Riley and Rio are beside you right now, enjoy every moment with them, because time gets away from you. Peace.

~Noah Hazlett, Hardybros50 (AKA Snake Teaser, In_The_Feelz, redneck111, and many others.)
Apr 5 2015 10:41PM
The End
Six years later, here i am. Somehow I've remembered my password, for some reason i thought it was necessary. I'll most likely be the only one to ever read this, but that is just fine. This message goes out to future me.

When you look back at your blog entries from when you were eleven, remember your childhood, the good times. Cherish the nostalgia, but don't get caught up in it. You have a life to live, and this part of it is over. Remember that eleven year old Noah is there for you, always. Seventeen year old Noah is there for you also. If you are reading this and it's like, 2020 or later, (Congrats to MFG for staying alive that long) just remember your life. Smile for the good times and don't be upset that they are behind you.

If anyone reads this that I may have known over the years, I wish you all best of luck in your future endeavors, and thank you for being a part of my childhood. Live long and Game on.

~Noah Hazlett, Hardybros50
Oct 23 2009 6:25PM
Okay i have just recieved a weird e-mail from some kelly parker. she says she wants to share links between my site on most fun games to her site. if you are looking at this in the community and know how to contact the most fun games owner please let me know.
Oct 10 2009 11:54AM
Looking Back
Today when I sat down at the computer I logged onto Most-Fun-Games and looked back at my old blog entries. Alot has happened since I joined MFG last year. It's weird, next year i'll be looking back at this and will be remembering the days. Sigh. Lol.
Oct 10 2009 11:49AM
One Year Anniversary
I just realized today that last week was the day I started the Hardybros50 Most-Fun-Games file. Time went by so fast. I would just like to thank all of my friends that recommended games and gave me someone to talk to on boring days. So here's to you guys. Also I realize that I am forming up to be a big part in the MFG community. I remember when I first started my file... I had alot of dreams of becoming big here. And in one year I think iv'e quite done that. Here's to one year of awsomeness!
Sep 12 2009 7:58AM
I'm Back ( Apparantly )
I've decided to re-join Most-Fun-Games. I'm not sure how long it will last but for now I need to make the most of it so here's to me!
Sep 5 2009 9:04PM
The Choice Is Made
Ive made my decision....I'm leaving Most-Fun-Games. I'm sorry that I have to leave so soon but I've found a new web-site to focus on. It was an awsome time meeting you all but evrything good must come to an end. So in this last sentence I will say, good-bye and thank you.

Sep 3 2009 6:56PM
Whats Your Opinion?
All week one thing has been on my mind. Retirement from Most-Fun-Games. I have no idea what to do! So I need all of you'r help. Write in my comments section (NOT MESSAGE!!!) if I should stay with you all or leave everyone i met and know as close friends. Please! I need you'r help! Thank you.
Sep 3 2009 6:53PM
My Most Fun Games Best Friend Is.....
Out of all the friends I've made on most fun games I think that my best friend is definitly Perfect Poison14! Only known her a couple days but she still my best friend online! Heres to PP14! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
Sep 3 2009 6:33PM
Nows The Time
So remember how i told you all that I need help? Well heres the time I need it! If you have played a good game and want it to get heard just tell me what the game is called, I will play it, Then give it a review on my blog. So practicly it's a win-win situation! You get you'r favorite game heard, and I get more blogs!


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Jul 14 2010 8:27AM

Did u kno i am like ur only comment person? wateva it dont matter I call ur comment virginty >=) hehehe its mine XD
▓<<<<<<<< Thats ur comment virginity!!! and luk now I have it mwahhaah
Sep 3 2009 7:50AM

lol k i'll comment urs lol hi ur awesome :p everyone be jealous of his awesomely awesomeness lol jk :p

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