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Sep 25 2011 8:41PM
I'm not like other girls with oral piercings.
The one and only reason to ever get your tounge pierced is for oral sex.
Sorry to brake it to you ladies, but its true(;
Sep 25 2011 8:33PM
hahaha, you know just how to make a girl blush(;
Sep 25 2011 7:47PM
I created a new personality after you left, im a different person from now until death, my identity is a growing one, so that this time i can have my own fun...
May 15 2011 4:47PM
dyed my hair blonde last night, it'll be white by next weekend! :D


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Jun 13 2011 9:45AM

oh i see now i have to get my a** on here and cheat with you ;)
hahahahaha ;)
i misss you so much to girly :)
love ya mean it
Apr 28 2011 7:41PM

ohhh really now haha xD im not gonna aruge that
cause its true haha :)
luv ya
Apr 26 2011 8:23PM

Hell yea!!
haha your the most amazing awesomeness :)
Apr 25 2011 7:33PM

HANNAH!!! omfg!!! your freaking back ive missed you to death!
you need to come on more you leave me and i cry -whines-
-laughs- im playing i love ya tho xD
Aug 7 2010 7:17PM

Hey wats new Hannah its Hannah haha
wearwolf king
Jul 14 2010 11:46PM

elo sis sorry i went offline erlyer
wearwolf king
Jul 10 2010 12:52AM

i love u to sis
wearwolf king
Jul 5 2010 7:55PM

i love u sis ^_^
Jun 27 2010 4:33PM

Hey Hannah wats new
wearwolf king
Jun 23 2010 11:43PM

hi i miss u
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