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hittin it up in cali!, United States
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Nick llGayll Relationship status: •taken by ashton• [[8/8/10]] Age:17 Intrests: Friends&& MusiC. I love to chat ,soo Hit me up? Any questions? Ask, or formspring mee :)

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Sep 25 2010 8:55PM
chineese food= my weekness.
Sep 25 2010 8:41PM
I haven't been on in awhile...
Ok well guess what people. I moved to florida.
Amazing right?
So ive been very busy packinng/ unpacking.
sorry i havent been on.
love you all
<3 <3
nicky :-)
Sep 5 2010 7:55PM
rackets <3
I've always wanted what i cant have,
but what i get is not a nothing,
begars cant choose,
I'll always lose if i dont learn to love.
But dont just wait and sit,
if you have a problem, find a way to fix it,
your not as perfect as you think,
dont complain and wish,
cuz all you'll ever get is a pile of rackets
that need to be broken,
that need to be broken in.
Sep 1 2010 11:00PM
damn my ass looks good!! ;)
Todayy I went vshopping with salem nd britt and while in hot topic I tryed on some neon pink skinny jeans, and britt was like wtf and my friend garrett who works there whistled att me and all three of them were staring at me and sooo I asked y aand salem was like DAMN BOY! Your ass looks good; ) and garret cwaz like id tap thar C:
Aug 28 2010 11:15AM
harmony <3 <3
The never shout never, Harmony, Rocks socks. :D
I just bought it on Itunes and I can't stop listening to it!
Aug 11 2010 7:10PM
SO sorry
If im talking to you Im so sorry Im just really tired. Im going to go take a nap so I'll be all rested before i go out to night with Salem and Austin. So bye people. Be back later? Maybe.
Ashy I Loves you, Talk to you later jellyBean <33
Aug 11 2010 5:58PM
no cheating
No cheating, you have to post this on ur blogs and see what people want from you!!!1=A baby? 2=Another chance? 3=Love? 4=A Kiss? 5=Friendship? 6=Sex partner? 7=Lap dance? 8=To chill? 9=To cuddle? 10=Marriage?
Aug 11 2010 5:10PM
I love my body wash
I got this new body wash from VS and I used it and now I smell like mangos! :O its yummy I wants to eat mee :))
Aug 8 2010 9:23PM
birthday Dinner
Well today isnt exactly how i wanted to spend my 17th birthday, but it was still amazing thanks to Salem, Joi, Ashton, and Maria. Plus other frineds. But I'm going to dinner for my birthday now so bye people ;) talk to ya'll later.
Aug 8 2010 7:47PM
What the hell?
I just saw a ****ing hobo run across my backyard and hop over my fence.....


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Feb 25 2011 9:41AM

Duude. o:
Aug 30 2010 3:59PM

it`s ok baby I thought you forgot about me or worse
But you`re here so I`m Happy... I love you
Aug 28 2010 12:28PM

You made me cry omg I love you and I missed you so ****ing much
Aug 15 2010 5:27AM

cuppycake where are you
Aug 14 2010 11:34PM

get on gay bestfriend
i love you <3
Aug 9 2010 5:14PM

I love you Cuppycake :-*
Aug 8 2010 9:59PM

Happy birthday, dear!
Aug 8 2010 9:05PM

your welcome :]
Aug 8 2010 8:42PM

this is your birthday song it isn't very long!!!!!! HEY!!!!!!
Aug 8 2010 8:39PM

happy ****in birthday!!!!!
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