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Jan 27 2010 9:21AM
more love
Im obsessed,
I cant take it no more,
Shes the best,
Il never stop lovin her more,
The queen of beuty,
Inside and out,
I pity for all the other girls,
Im confessing out loud,
Cant stop thinkin about her,
Every day every second,
Cant stop dreamin about her,
Every night every second,
I never knew what love ever meant,But know i know,
Because i love you,
So long deep and hard,
Jan 25 2010 7:56AM
Love song
Thinkin about you,
I write this song,
I write it for you,
Something i felt so long,
Building up in my heart,
I gotta get it out,
Cause its tearing me apart,
Now il say it out loud,
Just for you girl,
Jan 16 2010 1:20PM
Hangin out with friends
my place is trashed
Jan 16 2010 11:50AM
The First Time I Saw Your Face
My new Love song writing it right now


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Jun 26 2011 5:57PM

Where the hell have you been?! Lol. Your never online on yahoo. Inbox me.
May 15 2011 10:57PM

You deff should get a playlist so we can IM each other. Inbox me when u get on! Loves beckah! :)
May 8 2011 10:19PM

miss you hun! Wish we could talk more.... :(
Jan 5 2011 7:12PM

Heyy Omar I m suprised I am the first to comment! Lol. anyways idk when yo hve tht test your studying 4 but i wantedto wish you good luck! and im also glad that we r friends. Inbox me when you can... Beckah.

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