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im a punk rocker a sk8ter i like the simpsons and DC shoes and green day ,my chemical romance ,rage aginst the machine and video games like gh3 gta vice city gta sa and gta 4

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Jun 1 2008 10:25PM
ps3 games
haze vs fall of man send message which is better
May 25 2008 12:30AM
top 5 best game sytems
1 .PSP 2. DS 3. PS3 4. PS2 5. Wii
May 25 2008 12:24AM
top 5 best games
1. Grand theft auto 2.Guitar hero 3.Jak 4.Rachet and clank 5. Simpsons
May 25 2008 12:12AM
new top ten best bands
1Green day 2..My chemical romance 3.ratm 4 Linkin park 5 Nivana 6 Disturbed 7 Bestie boys 8 Pantara 9 Seeter 10 Guns n roses
Apr 25 2008 3:26PM
sorry i havent been on in a long time
Apr 12 2008 12:53AM
grand theft auto
if u own gta vice city and san andraus send me a message which is better
Mar 23 2008 2:29AM
leave me the hell alown I got a girl so sut up
Mar 2 2008 9:29PM
those old scary gay messages that are meant to b scary but there not ,quiet sending them 2 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 21 2008 7:33PM
will some 1 send me message
Feb 21 2008 4:55PM
green day
does so 1 on here like green day send me a message!!!!!!!


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Jul 5 2008 1:56PM

hey hows it going dude?!
Mar 23 2008 5:33PM

can u wait till june 26 greenday day and there going to b at the oss fest
Feb 11 2008 1:44AM

hey wats up?!?!? hows it going??? lol ttyl l8a
Feb 10 2008 5:56PM

hey wat's up comment bac!
Feb 3 2008 11:26AM

Hey Wassup????
Jan 19 2008 12:29AM

waz up =)
Jan 18 2008 8:08PM

nothing much and remember i gave you ur first comment!

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