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I don't really believe in a god, ( . Y . ) my dad calls me a pyro maniac. I love playing instruments, boobs, &stuff. I mean no harm sometimes. I FUCKIN LOVE NIRVANA. & STP&Paerl Jam. AIC.Dude I dunoo. I'm fucking weird

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Jul 16 2010 3:31AM
☼☼****in' Kids~~ **** this generation☼☼
I'm not fond of Cliches.Maybe it's just me but this generation is becoming the same...not much individuality.I hate it how its a cliche for teenagers to play guitar and skateboard. it's f@$&ing annoying but then again I should totally understand that people actually enjoy doing that stuff,people love music and ACTUALLY play the guitar because of their love for music,people love skateboarding because of the love of being active....or maybe it's what they see ALL the f@$&ing time.The worst part...I play guitar and skateboard but I LOVE music and It's weird saying that cuz I ALWAYS hear "music is my life". It's bothersome but I know ppl mean it. I play guitar for the love of music. i play like 4 instruments for god's sake and I'm not the best at ANY of them.I skate and I effing suck at it. I might just quit skating or learn. haha :/ I'm my friends' horniest friend,I act like a guy,I watch porn and i think im like the only one who admits it half the time,I like football,and I don't like the word emo.I don't like when people would call them self emo. it's such a used up,cliche,not original thing.People say I fall under the category of emo though :/ I play guitar but i play like 3 other instruments too. I play guitar,flute,kinda piano,and bass guitar. I kinda like skateboarding too but i suck. im more into biking. IM NOT A VIRGIN!!
Jan 31 2010 7:09AM
i dunno
ஐι ღ υஐ

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Nov 23 2009 8:04PM
╦╦╦╦═╗Put this on your page
║╩║║║╔╗if you give free hugs!
Nov 23 2009 8:02PM
this rox!
Nov 21 2009 6:45PM
Dude,what's so special about views??
Nov 15 2009 1:21AM
Is this a joke? X-D
i don't believe this
Oct 10 2009 1:29AM
Seriously Dude
What's with you humans and your emotions??Just chill the **** out and enjoy life. If love isn't working out for you,then maybe you shouldn't be thinking about it in the first place.Over half of the humans I know who have love problems are way too young for it anyways. slow down. wow this is coming from the chilidish chick in the world :-/



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sexy girl 101
Aug 15 2010 11:37PM

hey its candy thx 4 da add :) i returned da favor :)
btw you should mssge me sometimes :P
Jun 8 2010 9:53PM

hea we stoppd tlkin send me a messege
much luv
Jan 13 2010 9:28PM

gud luck on cummin girl
Jan 3 2010 7:03PM

hey grl jus leavin some sexiness on ur page XD
Dec 26 2009 3:40PM

Haha, That was the best xmas comment ive got. Haha. ((:
Dec 25 2009 4:12PM

Merry Xmas. ((:
Dec 16 2009 7:54PM

hey leave us emos alone thats so not cool. really, we r an awsome community so pls leave us alone
Nov 24 2009 6:49PM

i got some d*ck for that (teehee its from a song =P)

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