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I love music,video games,sports,and I'm single

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Aug 11 2013 5:03PM
Color rate anyone? Inbox me!
Red:fail ur ugly as hell
Orange: ur ugly
Yellow:u cute as hell
Green:ur cute
Blue:ur hot as hell
Purple:ur hot
Pink:ur sexy as hell
Brown:i would be friend with u
Black:i would date u
White:i would marry u
Turquoise:i would f*** u so hard and make a family with u
Aug 6 2013 10:39PM
Message back :3
MARRY ME 4 A WEEK WHO EVER sends a message back saying "i do" is ur husband/wife its just 4 FUN! so dont trip! lets c how many ppl will marry me 4 fun!!! repost and see how many ppl want to marry you! Haha youd be surprised!
Jul 31 2013 8:18PM
Start off letter
Dear_____ you have a cute____. you make me _____. you should be _____ . You and me should_____. I'd get your name tattooed on my_____. You are so______. I _____ you, from_____. Put this as your status and see how many letters you get
Jul 10 2013 8:51AM
Quote by lil wayne...
Love is like a rubber band.both pull on and when one person lets go the other person gets hurt. <\3
Jul 2 2013 5:51PM
Now sometimes I feel like I'm losing her....
Jun 30 2013 6:49PM
Me too
I wish it was real to baby
Jun 30 2013 6:13PM
F uck
F uck the girls I got one!
Jun 30 2013 4:27PM
I love u! U know who u r
Jun 29 2013 7:49PM
My gf
I love u baby and no one can show u more love then me so guys **** off
Jun 29 2013 5:54PM
She is the most beautiful girl on the luckiest guy to have long as she is happy I'm happy. you know who u r!


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Jun 29 2013 9:53PM

Showing u some love and ur page but mainly u!
serria baby
Jun 6 2012 8:33PM

baby i love and miss u <3
Apr 17 2012 10:19PM

love u baby
Katie ;)
Mar 21 2012 11:33AM

im so glad i found someone like you :-*
i am the most lucky girl in the world
i love you baby <333
Feb 14 2012 6:37PM

Happy Valentines day !!
I love you too!! Im so lucky to have a guy like you <3
Jan 31 2012 6:50PM

awww!! <3 I love you too!!!
Dec 12 2011 8:01PM

he is so sweet n cute
Oct 18 2011 11:39PM

you are rily hot so hot that you are hoter then the sun
Oct 18 2011 9:13PM

you are the most sweetest guy on earth & it seems like u would never harm a living soul :)
Aug 24 2011 8:49PM

wuv ya muncho.!!!
luv the way we can carry a convo forever.!:]
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