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I go on Clubpenguin,MostFunGames,and StickPage.(My computer can't load StickPage)My age is a mystery(because I'm not telling)and create cool blogs.I was a member since 12/15/08.I only have 2 friends and 1 fan.(I'm a little new here)Thats all for now.

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Apr 4 2009 1:05PM
guess who i am?
1)wat colour my hair is? black,blond,bald
2)wat colour my skin is? black,white
3)wats my gender? male,female
4)do i wear glasses? yes,no
5)wats my 3 fav colours? blue,grey,black,white,purple,pink
6)wat instrument do i play? guitar,drum,harmonica
7)wats one of my fav games here? sonic in angel island,ragdoll,ragdoll avalanche
8 )wat computer i own? reg. computer,pc,laptop
9)who is my best friend here? dead-and-gone,sexy4life,i hav no best friend here
10) (final) wat was my first account? ,gator360fan360,gator360fan360,gator360fan360 (lol)

try and answer these questions. first person who gets them ALL right gets to add me and ill never delete u.

see ya!


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