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Feb 15 2010 5:47PM
my style
fav color: balck
fav movie: zombie land
fav book: dead is the new black,dead is a state of mind,and dead is so last year
fav food: pizza,and steak
fav desert: anything sweet
fav store: zumez,pac sun,journys,and hot topic
fav place: hoodoo mountain
fav thing to do: txt,eat,and hang with friends
fav hobbie: txt,eat,paint,skate bord,swim,and hang with friends
Jan 23 2010 4:57PM
Pet shop
So theres this pet shop owner and he has a pet parot the owner sais "if u dont stop repeating everything im gonna flush u down the toilet" so the bird repeates what he just said...the next day a girl comes in and asks "wheres the bathroom" he sais "down the hall and to the right" so as shes going to the bathroom she hears " i see ur hiny its nice and shiny u better hide it befor i bite it" she runs out of the store screaming......the next day another girl comes in and asks "wheres the bathroom" "down the hall and to the right" she goes to the bathroom she hears "i sees ur hiny its nice and shiny u better hide it before i bite it" so she runs outta the store screaming.......the next day a boy comes in and asks "wheres the bathroom" "down the hall and to the right" so has hes going to the bathroom he hears " i sees ur hiny its not so shiny u dont have to hide i wont bite it" but he ignores that. and has he flushes the tiolet he hears "floatin down the river on a tootsie roll.
Dec 25 2009 6:58PM
Merry christmas
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! everyone and a happy new year this is gabi speaking and i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year
Dec 20 2009 12:16AM
hey ppls
Yo ppl am i not liked anymore if i am and i have friends on this thing talk to me
Aug 9 2009 1:42AM
so i go camping right......and the first day we get there its warm and sunny.The next day were there it starts raining......but me and my friend still went iner tubeing the wether was cold but the water was warm so fog started 2 come off the water it was cool and freaky at the same time.
Jul 11 2009 11:23PM
GOT UR NOSE!!!!!!!!!
On the exact same show that i just posted at 11:14p.m there something even funnier.A little boys dad pretends 2 get his sons nose....and the kid starts crying(give me back my nose,give me back my nose) not joking rate this 2 see if its LOL material comment on the comment blog choose between (ROEMEN CANDLE CANINE) or (GOT UR NOSE) or both u pick u rate from 1-100.....
Jul 11 2009 11:14PM
On this t.v. show called Americas Funniest Home Videos these pple were lighting a roemen candle and a weener dog grabed it and held it in his mouth sideways and it kept going off and when it did the dog gave its head a little jerk....LOL!!!!!!!! comment on whether this story is funny or not, tell me,rate it
Jul 11 2009 11:08PM
There was a firework show going on at the lake on the 4th of July.And 2 of them hit the perfect angle right above me and look like the sparks were going 2 fall on me but they didn't........
Jul 11 2009 11:04PM
Dudes a fire work almost blew up in my face on 4th of was a stud and the pple told me 2 keep it high up in the air but my parents told me 2 put it down on the ground.So technaclly it almost blew up in my face if i didn't put it down........
Jul 6 2009 7:25PM
HELP ME MAKE A DICISION PEEPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yo peeps theres this girl whos my friend now who will remain name less but we always get into fights then make up la8er when she acts all braty,snoby,rude,and treats me like trash when its not us alone so comment me back and tell me whether we should stay friends or not????


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