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Hello; i'm gabe; lets talkand have fun =)

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May 9 2010 2:59PM
Oh i'm diffrent.
dude, i'm so different from regular people. and because i'm different
everyone judges.
**** everybody. <-- b**** if i wanted stars i would have put them biitch!
**<-- see?
May 5 2010 6:48PM
your mom said what?
yo' hit me up =D.
Apr 25 2010 4:51PM
You should ask me a question on formspring :P
i'll be honest & if you have one i'll ask you a question back.
if not just message me.
Apr 25 2010 11:11AM
party was fun,
you should message me if your cute [:
Apr 23 2010 3:03PM
Yeah so,..
its deff. friday & there's a party @myhouse.
gettin' ready to get so wasted.
Apr 22 2010 6:53PM
Oh hey guys,
you should ask me something on formspring and i'll be totally honest;
or you could hit me up.
Apr 21 2010 6:46PM
My first blog;
i'm not too sure how this site works;
but uhh i'm gabe and we should get to know each other.


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Aug 11 2010 5:04PM

:( ur never on nd todays my b day :( i miss u buddy :( i miss talking to u :(
Jul 26 2010 1:30PM

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May 19 2010 1:14PM

gabe's a cutie^^
happy belated birthday babee.
Apr 26 2010 5:20PM

thanks for the add(:
Apr 22 2010 8:06PM

i stole yer comment virginity<33333
Apr 22 2010 7:04PM

heyy new bestiee!!
just showing your page some lovee:)
cute puppy
Apr 22 2010 5:34PM

*hugs* you page has offically been hugged :P your an awesome friend

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