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hello,no way am I gonna tell my name but i'm one of the most popular kids in the fith grade [ i'm going into 6th grade].I like to skateboard and play soccer alot and dats pretty much it.:):):):):):):):):):)

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Jul 24 2010 1:11PM
butler,servant,emo,gangster,ninja,skater,soccer player,lawyer,serial killer,it really doesn't matter to me....
Jul 24 2010 1:08PM
Jul 24 2010 1:08PM
Jul 24 2010 1:08PM
tell me how to make more faces,Ican only make these 3!!!!!
Jul 24 2010 1:06PM
Jul 23 2010 5:05PM
cars...cars and more u guessed it....cars
I sit at the computer typing this very blog and watch car after car after car go by and wonder what it would be like if I could drive.........a hondy terriaky civic werty cosmo edition 2749 auto moblie through the streets of manhatten.......why manhatten u ask,well I'm not quite sure anyway the cars zoom past me and I still daydream........
Jul 23 2010 4:59PM
random......me trying to type fast like a nerd
Jul 23 2010 4:57PM
Jul 21 2010 7:11PM
Life's problemo solver if you will squirrel
If you look behind you you will find the answer to your life's problem.For it could be a baby,dresser[as is mine],duck shoes or an elephant.
Jul 21 2010 7:00PM
yum yum tum tums part 2
and I ate some granola...

yum yum tum tums


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