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LBC, United States
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hey im danny im a skater from the LBC i love to skate play my guitar play my drums and play soccer too i like all types of music ...hit me up if u want to know more

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Jan 3 2010 5:15AM
im bored ass fuk someone message me or sumthin
Nov 15 2009 2:24AM
fuk my worst nightmare
i had to cancel a show 2 day because yesterday i got stung by a bee and i woke up today wit my hand looking like a balloon so i went to the hospital and they said the swelling will take 2-3 day to go down so i cant play man stupid bee
Nov 9 2009 10:52PM
greaser for life
ACE FROM LOS DEAD BOYS nigga fukin **** up since 08 if u got a problem tell me and ill fuk u up lmao
Nov 9 2009 10:40PM
dam fukin had a bomb ass weekend played shows and the groupies keep komin hahaha
Nov 1 2009 9:43PM
man this show was awsome
SKALLOfukinWEEN lol was awsome we fukin were awsome we had a pit goin goin first 20 seconds we played and we kept it goin
Oct 6 2009 12:43AM
niggas trying to fuk with me are gonna get fuked up just ask that b****ass ngga i fuked up today
Oct 4 2009 2:13AM
dont you dare
dont judge me based on your ignorance
Oct 4 2009 2:12AM
333 only half the evil lmao
Oct 4 2009 2:03AM
b****ass police rated the show we didnt get to finish playing fuk its watevers tho we went to a kickbak and we got blown im in the sky rite now lmao
Oct 2 2009 9:45PM
drunk as fuk
ima get so wasted today and tomorrow my band is playing 2 shows and i better tape it cuz im not gonna remember haha im fukin excited we r playing im the drummer by the way we r for sure gonna get a pit going


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Aug 26 2009 5:27PM

damn boii
dis ghurl is obbssed
sorry ghurl
let him breath at least a lil bit lmao
ducezz niqqa
Aug 5 2009 5:28PM

hey buddyz!!! =P

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