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With zachie =), New Zealand
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Kylee shaye _____ best twin ever<3

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Feb 9 2010 7:53PM
i am hacking my good friend right now (Extreme chick) and i am (!*sexy guy*!) on her profile right now hehe srry for hacking u im bord u can hack me at any time bye
Feb 5 2010 4:29AM
Hello people -)OIJUHBV
Jan 5 2010 6:08PM
Im in bate mens bay =P so i wont be on much Cyalater
Dec 31 2009 9:10PM
Own me
Head -
Lips -
Hair -
Eyes -
Heart -
Smile -
Tummy -
Dec 31 2009 7:27PM
My little family
!*SEXY GUY*! : A really awsome bestie
7up : i never get to see her =(
atr693 : Hes hurt
BranBran :D : Awsome bestie
cole34576 : I help him lots
danaaquilina4 : bestie
dark_angel123 : Awsome dude
DEATHtoYOU : he Pwns
mejiajesse :Awsome bestie
nclrza : i love
Sxmaster : song writer
yipper007 : Awsome best bestie
Zachie : awsome friend but gets up my ass sumtimes
Dec 31 2009 5:04PM
This is waht he said lIke im pissed
From: addummcclane
Date: Dec 31 2009 5:02PM
Subject: Let me **** you to make up where we went wrong

Let me put hotsauce on my fat nerdy body and whipped cream on my freakishly huge nipples! I have a hacking program that could go thru your information on your computer to find out where your house is! Go ahead and call the cops, im using my laptop in prison right now, im comming for you. I love big tiddy b****es that could **** me like a hellishly bastardic sucking whoreable black jew who gives a hellz of a lotta ****in mexican loving. I will put a cigarette in my ****hole when it gets amputated and pickle it then microwave it and stick it in you real hard. I know you like em real big! You white ass MTV trash hoes love to do that more than a vagina from china and thats the only reason why hell put you on this earth other than to b**** like a b**** from hell, but i know when i stick my thingy up your ass you will be in heaven!
Dec 31 2009 4:12PM
hes pissy
From: addummcclane
Date: Dec 31 2009 4:10PM
Subject: RE: www.bigx.com

your older bro has big tits like u
Dec 31 2009 4:10PM
OMFG now im offended
From: addummcclane
Date: Dec 31 2009 4:09PM
Subject: RE: www.bigx.com

u had sex with your brothers
Dec 31 2009 4:09PM
LOL this is funny hes nine years old
From: addummcclane
Date: Dec 31 2009 4:06PM
Subject: RE: www.bigx.com

Dec 31 2009 4:08PM
i hate him
From: addummcclane
Date: Dec 31 2009 4:06PM
Subject: RE: www.bigx.com

you big tiddy hellishly bastardic ****tard from sucking man whoreable land of bloody hell


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Mar 20 2010 6:22AM

Why do we have to share a room lol
Feb 27 2010 3:08AM

hi wat up i havent talk to u in a long time lets talk when were both on im bord right now lol bye
Feb 23 2010 2:46AM

Yeah i know well i will drop him off =D

~your sister Kylee<3~
Feb 23 2010 2:43AM

5 =D

~Your sister kylee<3~
Feb 23 2010 2:39AM

Thankx <3 hes being really wild cant get him to behave =D

~your sister Kylee<3~
Feb 23 2010 2:35AM

Carly, Can u look after Tom but 4 like 3 hours.

~your sister Kylee<3~
Feb 22 2010 3:31AM

well f*** you carly! not even responding
Feb 9 2010 9:49PM

i hacked u im srry i was just bord he he and i miss talking to u kk hugs bye talk to u later
Feb 6 2010 1:38AM

this gos with the first comment i left u can u plz talk to me when im on im so bord plz thanks more hugs lol
Feb 6 2010 1:14AM

hi i just want u to no how cool of a friend u r to have hugs
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