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My name is : Erika and that's all you need to know :]

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Dec 20 2010 1:51PM
My Life Fall's Apart
Watching My Life Fall Apart
Just Because One Boy Broke My Heart
Now There’s Just A Scar
Where That One Boy Went Too Far

I Shed All These Tears
Because That One Boy Put My Life In Fears
I See The Blood Gush Out Of My Arm
Where That One Boy Put My Life In Harm

Now My Life Is Moving On
Where That One Boys Heart Is Far Too Gone
I Sit Alone
Hoping That One Boy Would Text My Phone

I Let That One Boy Mess Up My Life
So I Died By A Cut On My Arm With A Knife

...this is true not the cut on my arm part or i died part cuz im still alive nd yaa i just added at that part
Dec 17 2010 10:41PM
About me :]
Hello [: My name is : Erikaa
Ima very random person so brace yourself
I am 13, but dont judge me on my age. I get hurt VERY easily. Im extremely shy .. but once you get to know me, im pretty cool . lol . I get asked this a lot so im just gonna let you know - i am not emo .. i effin hate labels .. i am me . I love the Twilight saga, haha - Team Edward <3 . I do not hold grudges . Music means everything to me . I have my belly button donee, i wanna get my lip done too . My fave colors are : black, white, grey, blue & lime green . Ima jealous person . I do die my hairr . Photography is my passion . I love wearing other peoples jackets // hoodies .
--Erikaaa [:

My likes:Music. Poetry. GayPeople. Drawing. Gifts. Texting. Talking. Colors. RandomHugs. Sleepovers. RandomCalls. Painting. PacMan. Photography. Calligraphy. VideoGames. Rockband. Screamo. Emo//GothLookingPeople. HotTopic. Youtube. Laughing. Smiling. Reading. Writing. Poptarts. Wearing other peoples hoodies. Sleeping. Animals. InvadersZim. HelloKitty. Cold. Meeting new people. Chapstick.

My dislikes:Bugs. Spiders. Posers. Drugs. Preps. Annoying people. Drama. Being heartbroken. Liars. Sympathy. MyChemicalRomance. CountryMusic. LadyGaga. Creepers. Being alone. Hotness - Tempature. MileyCyrus. DemiLavato. Lipgloss. b****es. People with nasty hair. ChristmasMusic.


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