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Nov 7 2009 12:39AM
its not so bad
being married..not at all (:
Oct 11 2009 4:27PM
im a newly wed. i love my babygirl. teka<3
Aug 21 2009 7:14PM
my thoughts to true love..
to everyone who has been broken from love or havent experienced it..its nothing but a meer illusion..until once found and stays with you forever..and once u become an angel your looking down at ur tombstone and ur burried 6 feet under the grown next to the person who healed u and made you believe that love is real, but only theirs<3 [by ur one n only..erik]
Jul 23 2009 11:10PM
get this..
if you want me to add you message me saying so if not..then im not guna fucckin add you, and if i really like you ill add you [hardly ever happens tho]


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Jan 27 2010 12:45AM

Jan 27 2010 12:43AM

Eyy boy! Get yo' bitty on here! I miss yew like crazzzy! I hve alot to tell you! Ps. Congratz on you and Teka(:
Nov 2 2009 3:17AM

Oh yuh monkey nuts! yuh never came on...like ever! Get yur booty on and tell me before i killl yuh! :]
I love yuh Erik haha
Oct 14 2009 8:02PM

ahhh samee.. here i want to know. :D
Oct 12 2009 7:27PM

Yuh never came back to tell me!!!. When yuh get on next....tell me!
Oct 11 2009 5:29PM

Erik i hope everything goes the way yuh planned! :]
I'm so happy for yuh and yur future wife! *smiles* When yuh get back.. Tell me everything!!!
Love yah.
Oct 7 2009 12:39AM

Hello Hello (:
Howve you been?
Sep 28 2009 9:55PM

hey thnx 4 tha add
showin sum love <3
!!! =D
Sep 13 2009 11:33PM

gahhh havent talked to you in lie ages, you probably look like a dino now :D jk
Sep 2 2009 9:42PM

hehe hi!!!! get on pweaseee?
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