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Auburn, United States
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well... I'm 8 all be 9 on September 9th, 2002... I live with my brother (Tyler), my sister (Kaitlyn) and my mom (Carla)... And I LOVE them ALL

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Jun 21 2011 10:37AM
Jun 21 2011 10:37AM
hey guys :<
Jun 20 2011 9:13PM
Jun 20 2011 9:13PM
:V :> :< :) :P :( :) :0
Jun 20 2011 9:11PM
so there's this guy that's my friend and is name is sexygirl and there's another one called iloveboobs and there my friends
Jun 20 2011 8:18PM
ding dong
hey hey hey everyone! hope u had a fantastic day cause i did!..hope someones online that will chat with me
Jun 19 2011 1:42PM
to JonnyRulez
Dear Jonnyrulez,
sorry i screamed at you!!!!! forgive me please!!!! i didn't know that you were off line!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope your still my friend!!!
Jun 19 2011 1:39PM
click click
just wanting a click (message) from some one :)... ha ha it's really hard to make a penguin face and a shark face!!!! my sister can make a shark and a penguin face! my brother can make a penguin face, tiger face and a shark face.... i can make a smiley face,sad face and a face with a tounge sticking out :)... me and my sister switched rooms yesterday! we have to take our beds apart so we can fit them throw the door :P! i kinda scared me :(........ can't wait to get a click from some one....
Jun 18 2011 8:06PM
hey everyone that's my new dog Jack!!!! i ruscude him from a fire like 30 mins ago... i love him to DEATH!!!!! :)...hes going to say hi (bark) :p
Jun 18 2011 7:50PM
OMG my sis just gave me here DSI :)... i love it!!!!! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P


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