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Names cole and i think im loseing all hope in everything >.< Bisexual.single, i cut, i drink, i smoke, i love my music and ive lost my friends o.o im a total nerd too :)

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Jul 30 2010 9:35PM
ugh >.<
im always freaking people out D:
if i say your cute dont take it the wrong way, im not flirting with you im just commenting >.<
if i say your beautiful, gourgous, or sexy, then im flirting with you...
this is why i like bois more because they always take it a good way :P
Jul 30 2010 5:57PM
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 5:49PM
Subject: hi

thnx for getting me to admit im bi.if we met in real life i would suck u as a thanku
Jul 30 2010 4:47PM
this is gabriela!!!
this ish my buddeh!!!
i see big bird!!!!
*hides under a box*
well anyways byez!!!!!!
i still feel like tacos
Jul 30 2010 2:19AM
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 2:17AM
Subject: RE: hi

ok. i dont like being messaged by guys who **** guys. its just gross and immature and gay. so im blocking u

--XD i embrace my gay side and he hides in the closet... im the imiture one? no silly boi :)
Jul 30 2010 2:15AM
Hes trying so hard to seem straight D:
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 2:14AM
Subject: RE: hi

ok then. ur a nerd for being a bi and im 15. just go **** ur dad u faggot
Jul 30 2010 2:07AM
About: NRA Kid
well this kids got some huge insicurity problems.
just look at his page, all his friends are girls, and theirs a bunch, meaning he added them and they probably didnt add him. he's trying to seem super straight. someone tell him to come out of the closet!! dont forget to read his about me. 'football, baseball, and SOCCER'? ive never met a football player that likes soccer. they almost always hate soccer players. poor boy. needs to grow up....
Jul 30 2010 2:02AM
he doesnt give up o.o
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 2:01AM
Subject: RE: hi

lol. i ment i dont wanna have cyber sex with u. but seriously......IM BI
Jul 30 2010 2:00AM
Now im just confused XD
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 1:59AM
Subject: RE: hi

dude im serious. my fried is a bi. im not. hes only here for my sister anyway. i wanna have cyber sex with u
Jul 30 2010 1:55AM
Turn ons ^^
Turn Ons &+ Turn Offs . :]
Is taller than you - off
Is shorter than you - on
Wears braces - off o.O
Has blue eyes - on
Has green eyes - on
Has hazel eyes -on
Drinks alcohol -on
Wears glasses -no
Smokes -on
Plays sports -not totaly...
Compliments you -on!
Wears jewelry -depends on the jewelry
Has facial hair -eww
Smiles when you walk in the room -on =]
Has brown hair -don't care
Has black hair -on!
Has blonde hair -don't care
Has red hair -on a girl maybe..
Makeup -on!
Can make you laugh at any given moment - on =D
Loyal -on
Laid back -on
Plays guitar -idc
Plays drums -eww
Sings -idc
buff- just dont be fat o.o
skinny - on!!
Abs -on!!!!!
can draw -dont care
Doesn't eat meat -dont care
Does drugs -on
Is bi -on
has a tattoo -on
Has a lip ring -on!!!
Has snake bites -on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 30 2010 1:48AM
We call this, a lier xD
From: nra kid
Date: Jul 30 2010 1:46AM
Subject: RE: hi

omg. srry. my friend is here and i walk awaay from the computer for 2 mins. im not bi and i dont want ot have internet sex with u. im perfectly straight


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Aug 30 2010 3:14PM

omg hi hunn ~Hugs u tihgt ~ ive missed u soo much ur my best friend ..but i wanna be more than friends
Jul 31 2010 9:34PM

Heyy mr. Detective platypus wassupp!!!
Jul 31 2010 10:12AM

haaaai bestie >:D

waaasssuupp :)
Jul 30 2010 5:45PM


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