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Field Hockey is my game, I am single, Yellow is my colour. I want someone who is random!

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Apr 28 2010 7:48AM
To many sad people
I am actually happy. I have just read like 5 million blogs that are really sad an depressing Hi Jayla. Now, I think everyone should grow rainbows in their garden of death.
Mar 15 2010 8:51AM
So yeah, I am sitting here with Jayla. Jayla says hi. I am listening to paparazzi. Woot Woot. High school. Haven't been on this since last year. Nobody loves me.
Mar 1 2009 4:20PM
yestarday was my birthday! Yeah! It was cool. I went ice skating with a bunch of my friends. Today we will have cake from DQ and have some friends over.
Jan 17 2009 11:35PM
New York
In with my couzins, at dere house, with my cuz Chris. we rn't close, so we don't talk to each oder. Stickam is kewl, I guess. Bored, updated, a moon duh is killin me. Warned her bout somethin. Told Matt about the website. Posted it.
Jan 14 2009 8:30AM
Back from Mono
I was really sick, but now I am not!
Jan 6 2009 8:35AM
Amanda is Sitting Next to me!
We are in homeroom, Amanda is siting next to me, she is also on Mostfungames, she calls someone a girly man, it is funny. She just clicked on someone on someone's profile, now she is browsing, she is a browser. I got that from the movie Fast Money, I haven't seen it, but my cousin, 12 years old, re-enacted it for us at the dinner table on Christmas Day. She is still browsing, looking for her next victim. I think she sees someone, clicking, clicking! Now she is on an emo's profile, I have no problem with emos, they make me happy because when I look at them they look sad and I think to myself " Wow! I have a better life then them!" Now she is on someone else's profile, browsing, brosing, clicking, clicking, oh the horror, HORROR!!!!!!!!
Dec 22 2008 8:20AM
2 Hour Delay
Only my dad would wake me up at 6:30 A.M. just for it to be another 2 hours that I could sleep. That's ok b/c they are out and I can go on the computer. Getting bored. Like talkin to some ppl so hit me up, or down.
Dec 19 2008 1:24PM
Let It Ice
Well, it is scary. mom just got surgery and I have to help her. I want to go ice skating but I don't want it to be, nvm. i remember that my dad comes home at 6 and i don't leave til' 7 and my grandma leaves tomorrow. thanku
Dec 11 2008 9:26AM
Shebra and Me
We are in Photo Class, oh yeah! Don't forget Megan. And alisha is by the teacher. Clarence is on his laptop typing, Jonathan is sharing stuff with Micheal. Sean is very buisy looking at "something" on his computer. Abbey is intamate. Jacob is getting ready to go and talking like usual. Julius is talking about basketball and Mayanjelie looks like she is thinking.
Dec 6 2008 9:05PM
I Almost Died!!!!!!!!-Saturday, December 6,2008 (6 P.M.- and got home at 8:30 P.M.
We were comeing back from New York and my car lost control and we spun in circles 8 times. Then, a truck nearly slipped by us. that is wen my mom woke me up and i pulled the headphones out of my ears and started screaming. if i died my last words would be oh my god. then, wen i looked to the right of me i saw a white car heading right to me. that is wen i thouhgt i was done. but he turned left and went right into the guard rale. somehow it was a miracle that i am living and functuning. this was on a highway. a couple of miles up there was an accident and wen all the cars stopped we kept moving b/c the brakes gave out. thank god (literally) that the cars moved a little. we were only going exactly 41 miles per hour. I saw 4 accidents on one highway. I don't think I have smiled since a long time. I am so stunned and there are tears filling my eyes.


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Dec 19 2008 1:39PM

ok then...
Dec 4 2008 7:35PM

Dec 4 2008 7:26PM

Dec 4 2008 6:50PM

idts but u can dream tht happens haha
Dec 4 2008 6:46PM

Dec 4 2008 6:30PM

nice blog haha...and iknow ppl do love me:] hehe jk.....but yeah
Dec 4 2008 6:22PM

my friend y?.....and u dont have 2 get me anything!....hey! matt and ryan were calling me the nicknames they gave me and u all called my name(s) at once so i said komet! ahahahahaha gooooooooooood times:]
Dec 4 2008 6:13PM

hah i still dont know wat i want.
Nov 30 2008 1:31PM

haha u find urself funny
Nov 25 2008 12:04PM

ur an ass n the nerd sign goes like this.......80
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