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Hi im Barley as you all might know. I have some funny blogs and i hope you enjoy them. I take time out of my day to dj for older people in the 15-19 on Zybez.

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Oct 19 2008 4:47PM
Hey guys you may think im a nerd xD but i play Runescape sometimes only when im bored and well im almost 70 defence so i think im going to uhm play or i think im going to switch to warewolfs so yep im killing warewolfs if i dont respond to your talking or sumthin.
Oct 19 2008 9:13AM
Getting to know barley....2
So as i was saying. I live in the United kingdom and its kind of cold here. My intrest in movies whould have to be anything that gets you going for example Saw or the grudge. I like Dragon ball Z a little im not a nerd but if you ask me its kind of Cool. My Girlfreinds name is Lilly and like i said shes the thing that shines in my black hold of darkness. I have not to many freinds but if ur under 10 im not adding you because your just to young to hang with me. I'm going to try to keep you guys up dated by typing blogs in my mean time that i have when im not playing a game or hosting. I talk to nicole and Lilly on the phone alot because there Cool. My real name is Conner and everyone except Lilly and nicole need to call me Conner because chanchs are that i'll respond to it more often so call me Conner. I eat any type of meat before i wake up. I wake up around 4:00 Am and i run for a 3 hours jog and play sports for an hour and then i come in take a shower and then im pretty much aloud to do anything after that.
Oct 19 2008 8:55AM
Getting to know Barley...
Well guys I'm emo and im a guy. I love my girlfreind because she just brightens the huge black spot of darkness in me. My names barley and im 15. I have a brother named Chad. He's 19. I like orange juice because it gets me moving in the morning. I like disturbed alot its one of my favorite bands. I'm mostly on the phone and because i sound little its because my voice is disected which in logic means that a part of my body was taken out so it decreases lung space and then i seem to talk like im younger. I like yogurt unless its that red yogurt with little beads in it. I only have 7 teddy bears. At one point in my life i was gay but then i changed and now im bi. I dont cheat im always fair to anyone i play aginst or go out with. I Host on Zybez Radio so sometimes i may not respond to any messages. I'm going to clean my inbox and i cleaned my blogs and i think im going to clean my comments as well so i only want some from my freinds and as well clean my freinds list. I'll make another blog about getting to know me.


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