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in the playboy mansion with mi friends, Guyana
About Me:
dead and gone,PSHYC. Luigi here at your service..Taken By Emma =).i have some good friends (the only ones on my friends list) im emo, bi, and 15

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Sep 8 2009 8:23AM
every one starting skewl today xD well laterz got skewl
Sep 7 2009 1:41PM
Ha bleh =(
i start school tomorrow ._.
Sep 7 2009 5:23AM
cant sleep
Sep 6 2009 2:33AM
new playlist pic up comment b****!
Sep 5 2009 8:18PM
its been ayear since i made this account
Sep 2 2009 11:59AM
alright well im goin g to the zoo and i got mario kart wii (b**** BE JELOUS) so anyways laterz
Sep 1 2009 12:22PM
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Aug 31 2009 8:08PM
you can kill and have sex in your SLEEP!
Aug 31 2009 1:14PM
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Aug 30 2009 7:01PM
fxck hannah
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Sep 12 2009 2:10PM

i mizz you :'[
Shayla Dear.
Sep 6 2009 1:17PM

That's good, i think.
Shayla Dear.
Sep 6 2009 1:17PM

That's good, i think.
Shayla Dear.
Sep 5 2009 1:13PM

So, how's life?
Shayla Dear.
Sep 2 2009 6:58PM

Hey hooker.
Sep 1 2009 3:18PM

Hola mi amor <3
Aug 30 2009 7:56PM

Hehe ^.^
Aug 30 2009 1:36PM

i love you <3 :]
Aug 23 2009 1:34AM

Lolz <33
Aug 22 2009 8:31PM

Wait i live in the playboy house now Wft Howd that happen?
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