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NADIA AMEILIA PEREZ here! I go rwar! I fuck dinos under the sea in spongbobs pinapple w/ LAUREN AMANDA HOFFMAN jkjkjkjk lololol! I love cupcakes! Im Married! TO LAUREN! and im Emo! and HAPPYLY TAKEN BY RONAL!

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Jan 18 2010 4:32PM
Yer Jellin' Cause meh & teh beautiful Lauren Amanda Hoffman are fuxking running away tew Idaho yew hoe xD
And we're getting married
I lovers her!
She made meh cupcakes[=
Dec 24 2009 7:13PM
Its almost Christmas!
And I think Lauren got drunk xD
Jip Jip Rocks xD[[Insider]]
That shxt was fuxking gudd!
We were singing Grandma got ran over by a reindeer in teh car xD
Well Lauren was and we were Laughing at her xD
But we still Love her!
And btw I fuxking Love her way more than Michael does[=
Dec 6 2009 8:27AM
I own Lauren!

Only I can Have her?
Why I get her is a secret.
Nadia Owns Lauren!

Like a billion people want her!
And she is BEAUTIFUL!
U wish yew had her!
Really Lauren has a beatiful smile!
Even Michael can't have her!
Nov 19 2009 8:56PM
Lauren AMANDA Hoffman!
They have shells and can swim and they eat penguins for breakfast!
No I want taco!
Nov 19 2009 8:45PM
Noh way!
Turtles are way shmexier that stupid old penguins.
Turtles have shells!
I love yew too! Give meh taco!
Nov 19 2009 8:37PM
Yesh, Akward turtles. Lol.
Why turtles?
Because turtles are shmexy like that betch.
Nov 7 2009 8:54PM
Meh and Lauren
Were watching SwiftKarateChop Lol
Nov 7 2009 8:31PM
Lauren and Nadia Hur betch!
**** ish a bad word
Don't **** Skittles.
i dont **** skittlezz i **** wafflezz and pankakezz
Well don't **** them **** MEH! xD jk.
i wanna **** wafflezz now
**** them then.
I cant i gotzz no syrup
Oct 23 2009 5:36PM
guess who this ish
no not Nadia atcalli LAUREN
hackin Nadia!! RAWR no1scene meh here *trip ovr a box*WHOA who put that ther??
Love you NADIA [[but i love Michael mor =x sorri]]
Oct 22 2009 8:04PM
I go Quack Quack 'cause I'm a sexy Blue....Is it a cow or a duck that goes quack? I think a cow. But whatever it is I'm THAT!


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Kyler Perez
Jan 9 2010 1:59PM

Like seriously why do you even have that picture? That kinda seems desperate.
Dec 10 2009 7:50PM

My Nadia has a booiifrend...:)
Finalli she now dosnt have to take my Lauren from meh.
Dec 9 2009 9:56PM

I do own You Lauren.but not wif money
but wif my love.unlesh yuh want to be wif Nadia.
then ehhh..yuh go aheadz..
Dec 6 2009 9:40AM

wow Nadia how do u own meh?
i thought Michael owned meh
Nov 19 2009 9:32PM

She will be.Nadia she will be.
I love her mor than u.
well ur gona hav to tell her that urself.cuz im alwayz sayin that to her.
Bcuz i said soo Nadia ima ur boss.
Nov 19 2009 8:50PM

nAww uhh.
=o Lauren didnt die..shes rite here wif meh.
but Lauren said U were the princess.now ima confuse.
yeah which means Im the boss of both of u.
Nov 9 2009 10:26PM

Nohp.im not a lier Nadia.
umm idk hu died,
but im tha boss.unlesh ****..Lauren said u were a princess.=o
shoo then fuxk !ur tha boss.=(
hmm i just told her.
Nov 9 2009 10:12PM

nawww uuhh you are.
we alreadi agreed to this remember??XD
Yes im ur boss since im Laurenz Boss.
Hmm.i tink she knowzz alreadi since u told her yesterdaii
and I will.
Nov 8 2009 6:27PM

NAWW UHH.ur tha stoopidest.
sho if ima Lauren's boss and she ish ur boss.then im bof ur boss..HAHA=P
=o i am jellin.u luki bish.
Nov 8 2009 4:42PM

Hmmm..sho then ima stoopider than bof of u.or ish U mor stoopider.
Huh..i thought I wuz ur boss.Laurenz my boss.
PSHH.Fine! U Go Wifeyz.U can go fuxk Lauren then.
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