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>Suck it b****<, United States
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I need to know whats jis other profile email an password an I'm changeing your password were you can't getin your account <3Sierra Popular your big sister

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Jan 1 2010 10:05PM
Bored man <-- Thats meh
Boredz, talking to my friend Molly
Keep on clicking on my Community like a weirdo o.O
Jan 1 2010 9:38PM
Aya Kapoww..
Brb, in a gypsy
Jan 1 2010 9:30PM
Why am I so soft, Geesh.
Lmao, I'm to soft you say
one thing to me that I don't
like, The script has been flipped
I'm maddd then..
I'm too soft.
Jan 1 2010 9:22PM
Aww man, I was fooled.
Imma killer when its comes to
getting punked an lied to by my
own best friend.
I feel used I guess.
Jan 1 2010 9:10PM
Happy fukin New Year b****ez..
You people is a trip lolz..
Jan 1 2010 12:16AM
Sweett Yummy Cookiez..
Brb in 20 min.
I'm bakeing cookies an I got
red frosting to make a big heart
Dec 31 2009 11:29PM
Urm. Oh Happy day..Tada
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

<3 Devin
Dec 31 2009 9:41PM
Clayton vs. Devin
My 5 year old cousin is staying
with me.
I need to move like when he unpacks his
He is already beating me up. I need help
Help me pwease xD
Dec 31 2009 9:36PM
The Glasses to the Vet, whaaa xD
I have glasses there...well i'm not
gonna describe, I look stoupid when
I put them on.
I have to take them back to the vet xD
The vet...yea the vet, nvm.
Dec 31 2009 9:10PM
My Movie is onnnn, yay *does happy dance*
I'm watching Four Letter Word
Omfg, I love this movie.


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the pricess
Jan 18 2010 1:52PM

hey wats up buddy
Jan 4 2010 1:33PM

hiii :p whtts up?
^^^^max love^^^^
Jan 1 2010 11:03PM

if u r good u get brownies
^^^^max love^^^^
Jan 1 2010 4:14PM

i have brownies and they r good
^^^^max love^^^^
Jan 1 2010 4:28AM

lolz i know u don`t
i am with some friends that r high and took my car keys
Jan 1 2010 4:02AM

Luv's you!
Jan 1 2010 2:40AM

Happy New Year!
Dec 31 2009 8:44PM

Lol Who the Some one else then?
Dec 31 2009 2:20AM

NO Do NOt even think about shooting me in the butt with ur Love Arrow
Just Kiddin
Dec 30 2009 11:00PM

best friends 4 ever
lol ur funny 2
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