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Name is Emily :D love black viel brides and alot of other bands <3

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Apr 25 2013 11:09PM
**** me,
And im Like: I LIKE HIM!!

and my friends are like: ASK HIM OUT

and im like: but i have a boyfriend!

and my boyfriends like: i love you!

nd the guy i like is like: i will wait for you

Mar 28 2013 4:42PM
I am a b****, thanks for announcing it.
Mar 28 2013 4:36PM
i hate how guys on here don't wanna be your friend just because you have a boyfriend. its kinda stupid if you ask me.
Mar 23 2013 10:41PM
Dear guys
if you try kissing or ****ing or asking me for pics over this. i will say no.
Mar 23 2013 7:50PM
i really neeed more frienddds >_< message me? :D
Mar 22 2013 11:26PM
Hey b****es <3
Hey b****es im back <3 message me ;D
Oct 22 2011 9:35PM
And Again'
Im Stlakin
Oct 8 2011 9:27PM
Idk haha Stalking My best friends Profile xD
from robert
Jul 17 2011 4:08PM
guys <3 <3
just because you have a d*** doesnt mean u need to act like one
Jul 16 2011 10:44PM
Rawr means i love u in dino :D
hey biotches ;D
names emily rayne :)
message me <3
u know u want to ;)


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Oct 8 2011 9:30PM

Hey xD
Mar 31 2011 5:14PM

The special Ed kid!!! :D

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