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-Im Emily my twin is Xian-

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Mar 30 2010 3:13AM
Um Hello
i ♥ butterflies
in every life,
there's a story, and in every story
there's always a happy ending ♥

i like amazing, happy, funny, and nice people,
i don't appreciate trends, liars, cheaters, sluts, whores, or people who don't appreciate life.
i'm more relaxed then i sound, i'm actually very happy,
no, i'm not interested in an internet relationship,
because its just going to wreck my life.
so, now that we got that stuff sorted out,

let's talk, yeah?
Mar 30 2010 3:00AM
im the skinny one btw this is not my youtube account its my bros


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Jul 5 2010 5:25PM

Nyyyuu you. .-.
I miss you :/
Apr 4 2010 1:42PM

Happy Easter! ♥
-Macey [:

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