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~Mi broken Heart!~, Canada
About Me:
~I Need A Hug~ Mi name is Sabrina mi nick names are babe,cutie,poke-a-dot and chocolate chip..Im in luv with an amazing guy♥ Thats me in mi photo..i was a model but then i quite. ♥Mwah♥

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Apr 13 2009 4:40AM
IM NOT DEAD SOMEONE HACKED INTO MI ACCOUNT !!!..i made a new one...but im not telling wat mi user name is u have to guess :P
Apr 11 2009 2:09AM
Hello my name is Hanna..I was Sabrina Best Friend till death...Umm I dont know how to say this but Sabrina is Died...she was murdered..i found her yesterday morning in her bedroom....she was stabbed 8 times in the back and 3 times in the front....The cops have no clue who is was but i have a pretty good idea!! It was David and Billy..I dont know if you guys know about them but i know that it was them and i will not rest my soul until they are dead!!!! this website was on when i found her it looked like she had lots of friends here so i thought u guys should no she loved all of u guys....Oh and Ruben she loved u soo much !! With every bit of her heart!! she truly did!!! You All can talk to me when ever i will try to be on tomorrow.....R.I.P Sabrina <3 I love you girl forever <3
Mar 31 2009 9:05PM
New photos
i added new photos check em out!! Add comments (link on profile)
Mar 29 2009 5:46PM
Miss You
♥Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer You'll always be my thunder, and I said Your eyes are the brightest of all the colors I don't wanna ever love another You'll always be my thunder So bring on the rain And bring on the thunder♥
Mar 25 2009 2:05PM
Is it Luv or Lust?!?
Is it love u feel or is it lust u desire?!? i need to know if u truly care...i need to that if i can run up to u crying u will hold me sooo close and tight that i can barely breath....i need to see how much u luv me!! Do u luv me or do u just lust after me!!?? Tell me Pless i just have to Know it is luv or lust
Mar 25 2009 1:47PM
Kiss me ♥
Kiss me...love me..Take me away with u....just dont leave me alone anymore...kiss me when it is storming and we are standing in the middle of it....hold me like u never want to let me go...love me with all ur heart.......take mi heart but plesss dont brake it♥......I love you
Mar 12 2009 1:57AM
Cookie monster is mi lover lol i love cookies he loves cookies perfect match lol xP
Mar 11 2009 12:07PM
♥ or ?
Dear _ _ _ _ _ Your mi day dream every time i look at you i feel insane........I cant explain how i feel inside...i try to be tough and i try to walk away....but i just cant...... Your making me insane....But......I fell out of you and me....your fading away.....your falling into history.....I just fell out...Out of you and me....your fading from view.....I never thought that I'd say....that I don't really miss you...I lived, I breathed your breath through me...time has a way of passing by...until I don't remember why or how to hurt for you......love's pain has gone somewhere.....I Fell out from you and me...

(Im Sorry) < /3
Mar 10 2009 3:03PM
Theirs nothing i could say to u to..nothing i could ever do to make u see how much u mean to...all the pain and tears i cried..still i will never say goodbye until u say it first
Mar 10 2009 2:36PM
Scary Love
What is love my love
Tell me do you know
To me its dirt and blood and seed
That's how my garden grows

What is this pain inside my veins
It's turned to frost
Is there an operation, please
And how much does it cost

This love is a scary love

If i had one day left to live
I'd lock the doors and windows
And keep you in
If I had one day left to live
I'd wrap myself around you
And breathe you in

Scary love
It's scary love

What is love my love
Tell me why it burns
Like rage and fire inside of me
It causes no concern

I'm quite used to it
The ashes on my hands
At least I've felt the pain of love
But no one understands

This love is a scary love

If I had one day left to live
I'd lock the doors and windows
And keep you in
If I had one day left to live
I'd wrap myself around you
And breathe you in

This love is a scary love
Like birds in place of doves
Like a train running over us
Like being nailed to a cross

If i had one day left to live (if I had one)
I'd keep you in, I'd keep you in
If I had one more day left to live
I'd wrap myself around you
And breathe you in


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Apr 15 2009 6:54PM

im so gald ur alive !!! ;D
Apr 11 2009 9:17PM

R.I.P Sabrina <3 i'll never ever forget u !!! i mizz u so much already *tearz*
Apr 11 2009 2:46PM

*cryz* Sabrina i will never forget u,, i will alwayz think of u,, u were like mi sister,, i love you < /3 :'(
Apr 3 2009 6:00PM

Ohz okies,, well im happy ur happy with him now
Apr 3 2009 3:14PM

Okies :],,, why do u think ?
Apr 2 2009 4:29PM

So u got bax with Ruben ??
Apr 2 2009 3:22PM

Ohz,, im sorry mi mistake
Apr 1 2009 3:38PM

i thought u got fired from modeling,, well thatz what u told me
♥GhettoBear ♥
Mar 25 2009 10:17PM

Hey buddy :)
♥GhettoBear ♥
Mar 25 2009 9:00PM

Hi ^^
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