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Jul 20 2010 12:30PM
htdfkhedohgfd !
Making a new account . (:
Jul 19 2010 10:40PM
Kylee ! < 33
Her ^ Yes , Kylee ,
She is officialy Ella's New BestFriend ! < 33
I know all of you are reading this thinking "awwh , no fair ! I wanna be her best friend!"
Well that too bad , be best friends with you mom or something (:
Lmfao , Well Kylee is simply A m a z I n g < 3
And we have a Pet Unicorn named Delilah !
She's really pretty (:
Well that's all for now !
Love you Kylee !(:
Jul 19 2010 10:28AM
Whoah Kyle loves Ella!(:<3
Ella your so fun to talk to and I love stealing things off you
it's one of my new hobbies and your like toattaly cool dude
you really express what you wanna say in a pimp way
and you really care about other people whitch is preety tank
and I care about yew! (: because I'm monster reppelent
rember monsters are scary monsters and yeah
I sheild them off with my herioc stair :0
and there like oh **** there's Kyle and Ellie RUN
because we pwn all monsters and aliens muhahs (:
any way love you lots!<3
Jul 17 2010 9:19PM
o: !< 3 -Me&Marissa are selling kisses !
872948187381913819$ Per one kiss !
Were gunna be billionares ! Just like Travie McCoy ,
Well he wants to be ! xD Mmkay , just thought I should let you know (:
OH ! The Kissing Booth Money goes to a charity callled , Marissa &Ella ! < 3
Jul 3 2010 10:45AM
Jessica ! < 3
ILOVEYOUSOMUCH! You're the most caring person I've ever known and ever met! You're gorgeous and beautiful too[[: You have a BIGG, warm, loving heart<3 You make me wanna be a better person. You've always been there for me when I need you. You're also amazingly funny c(:

No matter what; I'll ALWAYS be there for you like you are for me. I'm never going to judge you and the things you do. I'm never leaving your side. Truly, I'll be here for you forever<33
I'm so lucky and thankful for having you in my life. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you.
You're MY beautiful girl. Yes, MY! [[: <3
I love you Sophiiee[[: Lots.<33
: -)
My favorite words to descride you! o:
-Gorgeous -Beautiful
-Dork -Funny
-Unique -Sweet
-Q Queen[: -Silly
-AMAZING -My mother<33 o . o


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Jul 20 2010 11:06PM

hey there beautiful (: <3
Jul 20 2010 10:52AM

Jul 19 2010 5:24PM

And ELla I love you(:
Jul 19 2010 10:22AM

your toattaly pimp:)
rember that home gee
Jul 17 2010 11:44PM

Ahaha. (x
Jul 17 2010 10:43PM

Dear Ella;;
Oh my gosh, from the moment I saw you I knew we were meant forever!<3 Remember our Magic Carnival? ;o
We should so do that again one of the days! "Marissa The Fairy & Ella The Unicorn"[:
Baby I love you, your my everything without you I'm a poopface. ._.
& I don't wanna be that. ;o Ella, your so sweet, kind, caring, gorgeous, beautiful, smart, & funny.<3
I will always love you no matter what! Remember, me & you forever! ;o<3 Your my bestfriend baby!
I can trust you with anything 'cause I fuccking love you<3
Ella Amanda Davis; I love youu!<3
-Marissa [[7.17.10]]
Jul 17 2010 12:44PM

aah, stop nommin' on my page. =D.
Jul 15 2010 6:16PM

Jul 8 2010 12:34AM

I WIN!!!!
I win, I win, I win, I WIN!
In your face!!! >:]]

Btw, you need to give me my prize. >:]
xMarissaMarie. ♥
Jul 7 2010 7:31PM

Ella;; ILOVEYOU! >: ooooo
<333 [[[:
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