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Sup? I'm Johnny but i'm new to this add me if you want idc...

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Aug 18 2009 9:43PM
hah My bad everyone i deleted all my msgz so if we were talking and I hvaven't msgsed you back yet, you might want to msg me back :T hah
Jun 22 2009 4:45PM
Man she's awsome
Space out
No more time
Nothing to doubt
Nothing to rhyme
Just in that little corner
Will you find light
But that corner is for mourners
And people in fright
Tic tic tic tock
Goes the time
From the broken Clock
Sealed in the human mind
Where the hate lies
And where the innocent were lost
Watching how everyone dies
Then the innocents have to pay the coast
To have one love returned
And one love to hell
And left to burn
And a body to sell
Then feud against each other
The thought of a feast
On the innocent’s mother
Slowly everyone turns into beast
Creeping and crawling
Through the cities and sewers
Some were bawlers
Others were brewers
None of the creatures cared
Not even for their own young child’s
Not a chance was food shared
They wouldn’t even share a mild
Life as one of them is what you don’t want to be
But closer and closer the world ends and we turn
And your just to blind to see
That you’re the next to burn…….


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Jul 2 2009 4:11AM

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Jun 26 2009 2:43PM

NO problem
Jun 23 2009 8:46PM

Jun 21 2009 6:49AM

hey whats up??
woot woot first comment!!!
i rock hehe so whats crackalacin?? :D =)

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