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Sao Paulo, Brazil
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My name is Dudu (Pardon the meaning) and I like american football, I surf and play the guitar! =D

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Aug 14 2010 8:52PM
Me And Theo...
Me and theo are heading off to hollywood on the 24th. Me and him'll be off for a week or so =D
Aug 14 2010 8:39PM
Im Home!!
was surfing, went to theo's then had to walk home and yeah. Im back!!! =D
Aug 14 2010 12:03PM
Out surfing. Bye =D
Aug 12 2010 9:01PM
Hey Guys!!
Im going to be at the beach tommorow! My friend theo should be joining tommorow, or maybe saturday. Hit him up =D
never a boring moment with him =P
Random child. Ahaha
Aug 11 2010 5:20PM
I made facebook =D
Aug 9 2010 6:05PM
Oi! Um pouco sobre mim
Meu nome Dudu e eu amo nadar e andar de skate e, sobretudo, tocar guitarra. Minha banda preferida é Coldplay, mas também gosto de músicas de outros também. Im brasileira e diversão e minha mãe faz um ótimo trabalho em manter-me no caminho certo e ela significa o mundo para mim. Tenho uma velha 19 anos irmão mais velho, Eric, que me assusta de certa forma, mas eu o amo muito. E o mais engraçado de tudo isso, é Im escrito em português e você não pode ler isto. Ahaha!
Enfim, estou entediado e cansado e com fome. Divirtam-se e, se você decidiu traduzir esta, o seu muito legal. Adicione-me = D
Aug 9 2010 3:20PM
Whats your dream?
My dreams to live among the english. Whats yours? =]
Aug 8 2010 7:16PM
Hay! =D


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Jul 2 2011 4:38AM


This boy and girl are hangin out in the park and the question comes up...
Girl: We've been friends for years. We are close, very close do you love me?
Boy: Tough desicion but why me, im basicly a memory
Girl: What're u talkin about?
Boy: Im dead. Im just a spirit
Boy: I loved u a lot and feared u wouldn't love me. I hung my self becuz if u didnt like me i would be worse than dead.
Girl: Awwwww but now i wanna comit suicide.
Boy: Dont. It was a harsh path i chose. Dont make the same mistake as me and i am R.I.H.
Girl: Please let ur soul R.I.P.
Boy: What ever faith chooses
Girl: I love u alot
Boy: and same 2 u

The girl left home and couldn't take the news that her love hung himself. She wanted 2 be with him so she hung herself. Next day it was on the news that the girl was found dead. Her parents didnt know what made her do it but becuz they didnt watch out for those 2 kids, they died a painful death. The 2 kids returned headless and murdured them. They are both R.I.H. while the people who were murdured R.I.P.

Repost this 2 ur blog and send this to 3 other people who theyy will come 2 u around 12:00am and murdur ur family. You have until 12:00am
Dec 21 2010 2:22AM

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Aug 9 2010 8:13PM

heyy haha
just showin some love on ur profile lol :)
Aug 9 2010 7:14PM

1st comment booya b**** I just raped your page

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