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Dec 28 2009 6:43PM
More Random Thoughts.
Ok, so what if this kid walked into Walmart and there was this little elf man dude thing (they exist O.o) and he was singing "Merry ****ing Christmas little man, you're about to make your move. So head on down to isle six and see if you can find a balloon. There will be big ones and small ones, and even hard ones too. So be aware, little man, it ain't just you." Yeah. That rhyme makes no sense. That's why it's awsome. Yerr' diggin these thoughts, huh? Yeah, like you were diggin my previous Random thoughts. Yeah. Yew'eerrr diggin those tew.
Dec 26 2009 3:33AM
:o Random Thoughts.
Well, I just thought, wouldn't it be funny if there was a lady at a grocery store but she was preggy and she gave birth on the miniature treadmill thing that they use to slide the fewd....? Yeah, I know. Yerr' diggin this thought right now. Yepp. You are very edjjjimmicated right bout' now, aren't yewww? Yeah. I have powers. And not just in bed. Nope. I have the whole package, babii ^.^
Dec 24 2009 5:01PM
Ok. This Is the plan. tomorrow, i will give my friends ducks as presents. Mhhhmmm. So, friends, whatch out for flying ducks across your comments :) -nods-
Dec 24 2009 3:44AM
Gewd Times xP
[ soldierx ]: im stuck wif her!!>> XD jk jk
[ D shiznit ]: my friend says there is alot of people there
[ DropKick ]: It's just yew and me now, Michael
[ DropKick ]: :O RUDE!
[ soldierx ]: IMa srri i wuz kiddin
[ soldierx ]: *hugz*
[ DropKick ]: Lol.
[ DropKick ]: -hits you wiff a pebble-
[ soldierx ]: gosh why so serious?
[ soldierx ]: *tripz u *
[ DropKick ]: :O
[ soldierx ]: *sitz on u*
[ DropKick ]: Do I really have to bring out the anchor again?
[ soldierx ]: uh oh noh noh noh!!=o
[ x-tearzofblood-x ]: i think ima go peace
[ DropKick ]: BYE~
[ DropKick ]: -kicks michael-
[ soldierx ]: buh bye
[ D shiznit ]: its //:1153660+
[ soldierx ]: umm oww*pullz hair*
[ DropKick ]: :O
[ DropKick ]: -throws anchor on you-
[ D shiznit ]: ow
[ soldierx ]: *dodgez it*
[ DropKick ]: NO! Bad Michael. You don't have any super powers!
[ DropKick ]: Only I have Dino Powers!
[ soldierx ]: naww uhhh
[ DropKick ]: Yuuu Huhhhh!
[ soldierx ]: i hav supar ninja porpl tiger powerz
[ DropKick ]: ......
[ soldierx ]: Xd yeah idk..
[ DropKick ]: Fine but only because I have no idea what that means
[ DropKick ]: xD
[ soldierx ]: *dropz anchor on u*
[ DropKick ]: :O
[ soldierx ]: *runz*
[ DropKick ]: -throws a duck at eeet-
[ DropKick ]: Hey! That's like....Homicide!
[ soldierx ]: uh oh.
[ DropKick ]: or Murder!
[ DropKick ]: One or the other!
[ soldierx ]: neithr
[ DropKick ]: Either way, they put you in lock down ferrr ever!
[ DropKick ]: or....A While!
[ soldierx ]: nnnnnnooooooooooooo they dont..they giv me a kupkake
[ soldierx ]: and a pat on the bak
[ soldierx ]: but i hav to get my kupikakez
[ DropKick ]: NOPE!
[ DropKick ]: xD
[ soldierx ]: *throz kupikake at ur face*FINE
[ DropKick ]: b**** :O
[ soldierx ]: me???nooo
Dec 23 2009 10:40PM
When In Doubt, Throw a Pebble.
Dec 23 2009 2:08AM
*Whispers* I have a friend named Kar-Koooos Muncle Dildo and he told me he saw you today. And guess what? He got some urges...... -looks around- to -gasp- RAPE YOU.
I went there.
And Back.
All the way back, b****es.
Dec 22 2009 3:36AM
Dunn Dee Drooop Fuucklerr Sheeeeet'
Dec 20 2009 1:33AM
I"M getting offf. GewdNIIIGHT
Dec 20 2009 12:22AM
Bummbbberrrddiii Rum
Fipple Nipple Dar Dar Grrr,..
Oct 11 2009 6:00PM
I sneezed


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Dec 28 2009 8:32PM

Grrrr. I just commented myself :[]
Dec 26 2009 1:15AM

happi 4th of july kristin!!!!!=p
And Mewwi Xmas too!!!be guudd
dont go btin and hitin ppl
*giv u kupkake*
therz ur presnt from me...put it to gudd use.
Dec 26 2009 12:55AM

merry x-mas to u 2
: )
Dec 25 2009 4:12PM

Merry Xmas. ((:
Dec 24 2009 3:17PM

hello buddie =D
miss kristin
so how late did
u guyz stay up in chat last night ?
Dec 3 2009 7:02PM

Thatz good.
i've been AHH-mazing :] <3
Nov 29 2009 12:21PM

Yah i know!
itz been way too long :]
How have you been?
Oct 31 2009 1:03PM

Happy Halloween !! ;D
-throwz cand at you-
Oct 22 2009 4:22PM

nice pic.. whooree. ;)
andd. thats not a facee,
this is a penguin <(")
Oct 16 2009 3:32PM

Dip****tt I Havent Heard That In
A While xD
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