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May 12 2010 4:44PM
I'm wearing a shirt that origionaly said "i'm with stupid" with an arrow pointing up, but I crossed it out with paint and wrote EPIC. XD
Apr 11 2010 10:41AM
Just The Same
Not much is new...scraped my arm skateing but it doesn't hurt...fell off my bike after I hit a curb...and almost drove my bike into adumpster because a dude drove his car ont the curb.
Mar 21 2010 11:44AM
I put a pic on a few days ago...but I got hacked and then my computer crashed.I managed to get it working again, but I don't think I'm going to try again.
Mar 6 2010 10:11AM
Well my cousin's gone...but not before he ate all the food we had...the fat ass. xD
Feb 28 2010 11:27AM
My cousins coming to visit for a few days...great.I swear that dude is so fat, I'll turn from the table for two seconds, and when I turn around, all the food is gone. T_T
Feb 26 2010 10:42PM
Just Got Back
Just got back from Seatle.It was really boring kuz I didn't have internet.
Feb 13 2010 8:30PM
It's Finally Over
Got over being sick.So bored though...
Feb 6 2010 5:22PM
Still sick...
Still not feeling good...how long is this damn cold gonna last?
Jan 30 2010 12:49AM
I caught a cold...I feel sick. -.-
Jan 20 2010 9:57PM
No new blgs in a while.Well here's the new one.Don't like it?Deal with it. :P


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Dec 4 2009 10:27PM

YAY!!! I first to leave a comment!!! :D k well......hullo!

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