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in my baby's arms! <3, United States
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hello:) theee name is Arianna!! xDTAKEN!! :) ... by the best! :) megann carver! :) i love you!! <3

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Apr 29 2011 10:43AM
Your the one that I want
The one that I need
The one that I gotta have just to succeed
When i first saw you
I knew it was real
I'm sorry about the pain I made you feel
That wasn't me
Let me show you the way

I look for the sun but its raining today
I remember when I first looked into your eyes
It was like, I was there heaven in the sky
I wore a disguise
Cause I didn't want to get hurt
But I didn't know I made everything worse

You told me we were crazy in love
But you didn't care when push came to shove
If you loved me as much as you said you did
Then you wouldn't have hurt me like I ain't ****
And you pushed me away
Like you never even knew me
I love you with my heart, really and truly
I guess you forgot all the times that we shared

When i would run my fingers through your hair
Late nights, just holding you in my arms
I don't know how I could do you so wrong
I really wanna show you
I really need to hold you
I really wanna know you
Like no one else can know you
Your number one
Always in my heart
And now I cant believe that our love is torn apart

I need you and
I miss you and
I want you and
I love you cause
I wanna hold you
I wanna kiss you
You were my everything and
I really miss you
I need you and
I miss you and
I want you and
I love you cause
I wanna hold you
I wanna kiss you
you were my everything and
I really miss you

I know you gonna sit,
And play this with your new man
And then sit and laugh that you holding his hand
The thought of that, just shatters my heart
It breaks in my soul and it tears me apart
All the time we was off I was scared to show you
Now I want to hold you until I cant hold you
Without you, everything seems strange

Your name is for
Mar 23 2011 9:24AM
YEW! <3
baby yew caught my eye!!
i think you can be the one!:) i love you megann
Sep 29 2010 2:27PM
god..i just want to be with someone that will make me happy im so sick of cheaters!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 23 2010 2:24PM
lmao!! :)))
7 more min. school will be out....yesshhh!! hehehe ... love yewww.....!!!!! lmao!!! im out...peaceee
Sep 23 2010 1:46PM
in school...bored asshhh ****k ... ahhhaaahhhaaaa!! lolz

I LOVE MY STONERR DORKK!!!! c(: hehehe ... love yahhh Erickaa!! hahaha *NOFUKINHOMO!!! BLAHH
Jun 3 2010 10:59AM
schools outt wooott woott.peeaaacccee
gonna miss u guys ...byyeee
Jun 3 2010 9:57AM
bisexual and proud!! GRRR xD
i have a ton of bi freinds this is pissen me off......
STOP!! Just Stop making fun of Bisexuals i mean come on...... GROW UP !!
Bisexual haves feelings too* they are humans*
So if you agree with me Copy and paste this on ur page
Jun 1 2010 12:46PM
what the **** do i do??
im dating this girl named kaylynn...but my heart tells me its wrong....because im still in love with this girl named britney...!!! AAAAAHHHHH

god please help me!!! .....
Apr 17 2010 9:30AM
hehehe its my birthday!! :P
daammmmnnn wooohhoooo its my birthday yay!! gonna have a party tonight cant wait..... lmaaoo
Sep 13 2009 10:48AM
IT'S PRETTY FUNNY THAT YOU OPENED THIS because in the next seven days you will:
* have sex
* have someone fall in love with you
* find money you've been missing
* your luck will change for the better in all areas... love, happiness, job, money,
BUT...first you will have to repost this with 1 of these titles:



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Mar 25 2011 3:43AM

HaHa wow i remember theses comments haha
Sep 16 2010 10:40AM

Ya i thought i still had fillings but i see that you have moved on so i have to.
Jun 30 2010 2:00PM

I never knew about happiness
I didn't think dreams came
I couldn't belive in love
until I finally met you.
Jun 3 2010 3:16PM

britney u cant tell arianna to stop any thing thats her life not urs and quit being mean to her and hurting her before i hurt u arianna dont lissen to her on any of that bull**** arianna can talk to me when ever and u cant stop her im her friend for now
Jun 1 2010 10:06AM

hey baby i am sorry i need you please come back to me ill stop every thing you want me to stop ill do wat ever it takes to get back with you just baby one lass chance thats all i ask for
May 27 2010 2:10PM

are you are Arianna is a sluty ass b**** that dont even know how to have sex with a girl and wat you do know is from me saying stuf to you whin we were haveing phone sex. You will never get a girl better thin me. I would rock your world but you wont never fined out i dont even no why i was ever engaged to you. now ill get rill ***** every night and all that cum dripping off of my fingers and me likinng it off damn dont you wish you were still my girlfriend you **** ****?
May 25 2010 1:22PM

Today when you called I heard the pain in your voice. I don't really know if i made the right desishen or not.But i promised you that i would not cheat on you agen so i coulkd not brake it.I really wanted are relashen ship to last but there are reasons for love,hate,smiles and frowns.The pain that i have in my hart write noe i dont know if its because i hurt you or because there will never be a futer agen.The plans that i had for are futer was to get marred have kids a grate family and enjoyed are lifes but we really can't do that if we do not trust each outher.There is this saying forgive and forget.I want you to forgive me but never forget me.Now you can be happy smoke your weed do your pills mess around with guys and drink your beer.I fill the tears rolleing down my face is that normale?Or dose it mean that i really loved you?My heart is broken in two even thow you did not do it.I just want to bl;eed my way to deth.I really cant live with out you but thin i cant live with you neather.I know you loved me and i loved you to but sometimes when we think it is true love it really is not.We just want it to be.there is going to be someone out there for you that will give you a good family take care of you guys.Well this is almost every thing that i had rote down to say to you but you have my number call if you want to work things out.I hope to here your voice soon. Love always Briteny

Ps.Don't for get i will love you intell i close my eyes for ever
May 24 2010 10:35AM

i sware to God Arianna if you do not stop talking to him on here,myspace,facebook on the phone and txting him thin i will not think twice about brakeing up with you. i promis Arianna. If you really want to spend the rest of your life with me thin stop ****ing up and going behined my back and talking to Brandon or even writeing sex stuff to guys because if it dont stop thin it will be over for good.I don't want it to be but if you dont stop it will be.Because why in the hell would i want a family with you if all you do is go behined my back? and if you pills, and or smoke weed or cigs i am relly going to be pissed off. we have been dating off and on for a wile so if you really love me thin stop this bull**** write now or i will end it.
May 21 2010 3:06PM

see ur a ***** u tell me to talk to u and u block me so u r a ***** after all u cant stand me because i am friends with arianna well that will never change the end
May 21 2010 2:49PM

u a dumb ass britney go to ****in school and learn arianna will NEVER forget me and she nos it
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