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Hey Everyone! Welcome to my page! I'm Mel, that's short for Melinda. I'm 17 years YOUNG. I enjoy shopping, camping, singing, dancing, and cuddling. Inbox me if you wanna know more ! (;

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Jan 16 2013 5:55PM
Blogged !
Hey all, i havent blogged much... havent been on.
I hope you all i had fantastic holiday ! And have a great new year
Apr 13 2012 11:14PM
Random Comment
Crazy, colored, chickens, cut, cookies, crazily, craving, carrots. o.o
Apr 13 2012 10:58PM
Guess who's back??
OMG. IT'S BEEN FOREVER. I miss all of my gorgeous friends. Inbox me & i'll get back to you.... pronto!
Jun 9 2011 2:10PM
>:( I beat it.
Youda Sushi Cheif Is An Awesome Game!
Jun 8 2011 12:24PM
And suddenly a crackle of lightning struck the ground.. and the world was a quiet place. >:)
Jun 8 2011 12:20PM
Steve Wilkos
Watched and loved.
May 13 2011 11:40PM
A word that appears every 5 seconds of the day. o.o
Apr 11 2011 6:47PM
Stupid Shizz
I hate it when people block you for like NO reason.. there really isn't a point then why do it? Like this one guy I was chatting with he messaged me then he blocked me because I was offline?? I guess.. anyway he's a b****... so yeah.
Apr 6 2011 5:10PM
Have you ever....?
Answer in my inbox.. if you dare.

Have you ever went sky diving, was it ever fun?
Apr 6 2011 5:08PM
Eh.. -scream-
Gummy bears are chasing me! One is red and one is blue, 1 is trying to steal my shoe. Now I'm running for my life, because the red one has a knife.. Oh and wait.. Why am I running again?


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Apr 13 2012 11:59PM

omg i miss u sooo
James M.
Nov 24 2011 10:49AM

Haven't talked to u in 4ever
Feb 5 2011 11:40PM

OMG happy b day hope its a good 1 :)
Feb 5 2011 11:37PM

OMG happy b day hope its a good 1 :)
Feb 5 2011 11:37PM

OMG happy b day hope its a good 1 :)
Jan 31 2011 10:00PM

hey how u been holla back at me
James M.
Jan 15 2011 2:03PM

hi ;P
Dec 28 2010 7:19PM

It's all true what u put on my homepage we did together and yes we r true hommies
Dec 28 2010 1:21PM

i love u too
Dec 28 2010 1:21PM

i love u too
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