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I like Super Smash Bros. Brawl (epic game), Vocaloid, Touhou, writing fanfiction, anime. All of those things are epic! X3 I'm a tomboy who loves SSBB, Len Kagamine ,Inuyasha <3, Dark Pit, Marth, and Nintendo in general. ----- (2016 edit): Oh god.
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Oct 16 2016 2:49AM
Four years.

It's been four years since I've been on this site. I just looked back at everything I've written and I'm cringing in agony. I mean, there is a bit of nostalgia to it as well, but still.

I've matured a bit. The only real things that have stayed the same is my love for Inuyasha and my appreciation for Smash Bros., and even then I have upgraded from the rabid little dork I was.

Jan 6 2013 5:36PM
A New Year?
. . .Time to do what I did in 2012: mess it all up and be a boss. *Salutes*
Dec 29 2012 1:57PM
. . .Lol, don't ask. . .
Dec 29 2012 1:56PM
Fanfiction Blog Thing Part 2-Inuyasha <3
Inuyasha...the half-dog demon who is now currently locked in my closet. HEHEHE...anyway, onto the fanfiction. I don't read alot of Inuyasha fanfics (and when I do, it's usually InuyashaxSesshomaru. YEP, yaoi...). Those fanfics are GREAT. I see alot of SesshomaruxKagome though. Don't know why...I don't understand that pairing. Oh well, I'm not criticizing anyone who like that pairing. It's just...I can't imagine them in my mind. WHATEVER. However, as every fanfiction reader/writer knows, some fanfiction are just...not fail, but...nevermind, it's fail, and that's sadly the case with few-VERY FEW-Inuyasha fanfics. Yes, VERY FEW, in my opinion. But, whatever. . .
Dec 29 2012 1:37PM
Fanfiction Blog Thing Part 1
Admit it, fellow otakus, fanfiction is one of the greatest things ever. Yes, this blog is partially about a 13-year-old ranting about random stuff, but then again, I am the TRUE DEFINITION OF RANDOM AND FAIL. So, uh, yeah. Anyway, fanfiction is epic~ Take Super Smash Bros. fanfics (something I write mostly about). They are awesome and well-written. Same goes for the Touhou fanfics. (I read some, but I imagine there must be LOTS of yuri since Touhou Project has CRAPLOADS of girls). The Pokemon fanfics know how to make a PokeFan's day, and the Inuyasha fanfics...well, I'll talk about that some other time...anyway, I LOVE writing fanfics, especially SSB fanfics. Some fanfics just fail at EVERYTHING, while others are so awesome. Yeah, this is the rantings of 13-year-old girl of failure, but ya know, I'm THE TRUE DEFINITION OF RANDOM. You may now eat ice cream and Chesto Berries.
Dec 23 2012 8:20PM
What Online Game I'm Playing Right Now
Inuyasha: Demon Tournament. FTW!!1!
Dec 23 2012 7:34PM
What I Want for Christmas
A Wii U, Inuyasha (I'm so serious; I really want Inuyasha for Christmas), the Inuyasha Profiles book, a new 3DS so I can buy Dream Drop Distance, and a Tetsusaiga.
Nov 23 2012 12:48PM
Uhhhh, ummm...
I hate being bored...*Sighs...*
Nov 22 2012 12:55PM
I wonder if I should draw my Selfy from if anyone cares. ^w^"
Nov 22 2012 12:49PM
Ugh, I don't know who to draw. (I'm trying to practice my drawing skills). I already drew Shippo and Sesshomaru a.k.a. Fluffy. I can't decide whether I should draw Inuyasha or Koga. Ugh, so not for the win


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