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Love Is bull ****, United States
About Me:
I'm Devin,Bi, don't judge. I don't like labeling. I'm angry a lot, I'm cool most of the time. I can do crazy shit. But, under It all I'm good ;).

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Apr 10 2010 5:44PM
Zacharia && Devin
Hey hoez I'm Zacharia on
my boo page.
Text me Devviinn wherever
you are.
I love you

Apr 1 2010 6:45PM
Devin Hahahah
I could him upppp!
Stoupid retard, and I ain't talking
about you sluts either, so back the
hell up.
I'm bored, all yall Is some ****ing
evil ass, ghetto, wanna bes on this
Yall ****ed up In the head, I can tell.
Hoez, fake asses, and b****ez..
Mar 31 2010 4:36PM
Later >.>
I don't think she loves me anymore.
I'm always angry, I'm accusing her of cheating
on me.
I might possibly die.
I hate everyone.
Maybe she doesn't, I wouldn't
love me either.
Mar 31 2010 4:32PM
Devin **** Devin, damn **** you, need a life :)
I'm getting sicker and sicker everyday.
Anyways, I still got a little hate
In me so **** off b****ez, that I don't like
I'm sure you know who you are, you better
Mar 27 2010 4:29PM
Smack It! Nvm, I did that lastnight ;)
I'm about to look on
everybody pages, It's boring >.<
Mar 23 2010 7:37PM
Fukc.. as If she cared.
cant be deleted.
Mar 22 2010 9:23PM
Lucky Monday;)
Mar 22 2010 7:23PM
Huh.. love Is not for me.
Like ever I will.
Mar 22 2010 12:23AM
Retro or crazy lol
Why am I so retroo xDDD
Mar 21 2010 7:17PM
Do I really miss you?
Obviously, I don't care what your talking about, because, I'm not even trying to talk to you.
Maybe, you're just this wall to me that's blocking me from the world.
I think, I have gave up on you.. and you don't know It yet.
Maybe, I haven't said that much to you, because I'm trying to avoid you.

I know this is all true
because, I don't even love you.


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Mar 22 2010 7:31PM

Stayin for you hun<3.
Mar 20 2010 3:02PM

Mar 20 2010 2:46PM

but you didnt do anything D:
Mar 20 2010 2:22PM

I am D:!
Mar 20 2010 12:41PM

-_- next time ur on i need to talk to you about this:l...
I rlly am sorry D:
Mar 20 2010 11:17AM

Im rlly sorry..
I shouldnt have said anything..
Trinity J
Mar 20 2010 7:20AM

Thankzz hun...I knoe i shouldnt
But i have to take it out on someone

And i cant sstand hurting someone else

I'd probobly make fun of myself before anyone else...i cant help it
Mar 19 2010 10:34PM

Missed you more O: !!!
-Jessikinz (:
Trinity J
Mar 18 2010 5:38AM

Ohzz im sorry....I'm suck a fuking retard....I should prob find out before i freak again
Nd like I'm really glad your back though hun
I missed yew lotz...and i hope your better from whatever you had tew go for
♥ ᴵ ᶫᵒᵛᵉ ᵧₒᵤ (as a bestie)
~Fromm retard...i mean trinity...or whatever....go ahead and say retard it will probobly make more since
Mar 17 2010 9:41PM

;D nice to tlk to yew again bestfriend(:
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