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Oct 22 2013 7:08PM
well I haven't been on in ages
Feb 2 2013 7:22PM
Anyone on here wanna skype
Dec 20 2012 7:34PM
anyone have kik or skypee
Nov 25 2012 4:17PM
anyone wanna kik or add me on skype?
Oct 29 2012 4:26PM
RIP Jake and Ray you will forever be in my heart!
Oct 13 2012 4:17PM
Boys only
If you want boys to answer this then post "BOYS ONLY"
If you want girls to answer this then post "GIRLS ONLY"

What would you do if?
1. I was right next to you:
2. I kissed you:
3. I lived next door to you:
4. I started smoking:
5. I was hospitalized:
6. I was drunk:
7. I hugged u:
8. I asked you to leave:
9. I asked you out:

What do you think about my?
10. Personality:
11. Eyes:
12. Hair:
13. Body:

Would you?
14. Be my friend?
15. Keep a secret if i told you one?
16. Kiss me?
17. Go on a date with me?
18. Keep in touch?
19. Date me?
20. Have sex with me?

Have you ever?
21. Lied to make me feel better?
22. Wanted to kiss me?
23. Wanted to bite me?
24. Kept something important from me?
25. Wanted to cuddle with me?

26. Who are you?
27. Are we friends?
28. When and how did we meet?
29. Describe me in one word:
30. What was your first impression?
31. What reminds you of me?
32. If you could give me anything what would it be?
33. How well do you know me?
34. When's the last time you saw me?
35. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn't?
36. Are you gonna post this so you can see what I say about you?
Oct 8 2012 9:26PM
Ugh so hasnt been my day someone willing to cheer a girl up
Oct 3 2012 9:58PM
anyone feel freee to talk to me im nice i promise
Sep 3 2012 8:40PM
does anyone have kik??
Aug 9 2012 10:46PM
anyone wanna skype????


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sexy girl 101
Oct 9 2012 8:35PM

We haven't talked in over a year :/
Message me!
Aug 6 2012 3:29AM

long time no talk miss talkin to u beauty hit me upp as soon as possible.
Nov 3 2011 7:44PM

ahh. akay
Nov 3 2011 7:44PM

ahh. akay
Sep 8 2011 8:01PM

*poke* forgot bout meh huh?
Jan 19 2011 3:37PM

hey heyyy! havnt been on in forever. i dont get on that much. miss you girl! how ya been? love u!
Dec 22 2010 5:06PM

False Alarm I Not Pregg Thank Godd!
I miss you why u never online when im online? I miss you like more than I miss a friend that hasn't been on here in like forever (destiny). I love you more then a fat kid loves cake! LoL Pwees come on more okay pretty pweese with lemons on top wait thats not right i mean cherries lots and lots! Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

Tis is me sayin
Nov 16 2010 11:18PM

Hey Destiny!!

How u been wifey?
I dont go on this much anymore...
i play on a website called www.gaiaonline,com
u shuld try it.
im so bad ii got preg at such a young age ima have a boy!! D:
Why i messed wit me boyfriend why??
Oct 8 2010 6:21PM

You look so pretty!!
Oct 3 2010 12:17AM

Wow girl,

long time no talk am i rite??

i missed u gurl how u been now a days.

for me life keeps gettin tougher....
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