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With her in, Switzerland
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I'm hunter.. theirs not much to say. I haven been on for a while and don't plan to be on long. just remembered some people.. so I figured I'd make sure there all still alive

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Jul 4 2011 6:10PM
Tonight I'm gonna love you like theirs no tomorrow...
May 8 2011 12:31AM
haven't been on in a while.. plan on staying for long.. but hey. send me a email
Jan 17 2011 8:38PM
guess she really dosent care... have fun with him :/
Jan 9 2011 4:24PM
i love her... but dose she care? :\
Jan 6 2011 12:09AM
things... are some how gettign better... I think i know my heart and mind, are in the same place.
Jan 4 2011 11:19PM
This shouldnt be so confusing? why is it. In the books and movies it seems so simple. :(
Jan 3 2011 2:19PM
wow ok... I've made some **** ups and have lied.. but your the one person that i didnt think would..
Jan 3 2011 1:19AM
how long you gonna make me wait.. :( im losing hope.
Jan 1 2011 11:12AM
ok starting to feel like a major D-bag :S
Dec 31 2010 5:05PM
ha...ha.......ha :S
hey so people i got a Question...
how do you know when you might have broken 1... or more ribs?


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May 30 2012 1:38AM

Uhm I'm me, duh:p
May 29 2012 12:01AM

Get on more and maybe I wouldn't you loserr :p
Jul 6 2011 7:55AM

Feb 1 2011 9:38PM

I just have no idea what to write back haha.
Feb 1 2011 9:23PM

Hahah, nice hunter. :)
Feb 1 2011 7:35PM

Jan 29 2011 11:21PM

Ha I'll correct that:) hunter is just so cool he can't stand not to yell your name in the orgasmic tone thing :b
(still a crazy ass) (:
Jan 29 2011 11:16PM

Ohh lord. Hunter is officially a crazy ass xD
Jan 29 2011 11:38AM

Ahh hunter! :3
Jan 28 2011 11:24PM

Hunter. (:
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