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I'm a real big fan of your's, But I'm quite the joke to you. ♥ I just want to change this world, For the better.

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Mar 18 2011 5:44PM
Arttm. <3
If Only They Knew; They'll Never Come Close To You. <3
Mar 7 2011 7:19PM
o.o Photographs.
I tottaly, Got new pictahs, On Playlist. :3
You should go look.
Before someone steals your pandas.
No, Not the pandas! <|3
Mar 7 2011 7:11PM
♥ TriniiJay.
I'm Trinii.
I'm 14, almost 15.
And, I know who I am.
I'm anti-violent, Anti-war. I bealive people can work out their problems with words, Not pain.
My world revolves around visual art.
Photography, Painting, And drawing.
And, I don't go for drama. I don't think it's neccisary.
I'll be there for you, No matter who you are.
And thats just who I am.
I have my opinions, And Im sorry if their not the same as yours.
Gay pride ♥ & the enviorment, I feel strongly about them.
I dont bealive in love at first sight, Or love in just a couple of months.
Your not in love with someone because they look good, Just saying.
Music=life. No matter what kind.
MessageMe. ♥


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Mar 8 2011 10:36PM

Lemme Guess.
Your Real Name Is Trinity.
Mar 8 2011 5:58PM

Your flippin' amazing.
We're living the life + chips. <3
♥ Bob Jilly Hipapotomus. <3
Mar 8 2011 4:45PM

I Love You, Chicka. [:
I Call Comment Virg.inity!
-Eats It-
No Steals. <3
You're The Best Hooker Hobo Thing Ever![;

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