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Devon here. Done with drama so if you have drama don't come crying to me or talk to me. I'm done being weak for everyone. I will now give my full opinion to you. Bestest friends are Kate, and Luigi. :D

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Mar 6 2012 10:18PM
YUM b****
Mozzarella Cheez- Its are the shiz!
Mar 4 2012 1:22AM
Mostfungames is dead now! No one is on anymore, or at least no one that I know is on anymore.
Mar 3 2012 2:48AM
If anyone needs me I'll be in the kitchen. In the chatroom I mean, not like an actual kitchen.. Yeah...
Mar 3 2012 12:34AM
MFG is different from what I remember. No more old chat, no one even goes in the chats anymore, how the hell do you meet new people? Make friends with people? This is not the MFG I remember.
Mar 1 2012 2:37AM
Haven't been on in like, half a year? I don't know. It's been so long and the first time I get on I'm bored?!?! Someone message me! :P
Jul 6 2011 1:03AM
Yep, I'm on a **** ton of painkillers and still have a concussion. Isn't it rumored people die in their sleep when they have concussions? I'll note that...
Jun 30 2011 1:54PM
Fixing 3 cars in two days and trying to find a side view mirror for a Bugatti Type 41..One of the rarest cars in the world..Someone shoot me
Jun 21 2011 1:35AM
People get on the old chatroom..I'm bored!
Jun 19 2011 9:58PM
Conversation with my brother
Me: Isn't it fun riding on boats?
Brother: Yeah...Especially when you're killing Moby ****
Me: I don't think you ever did that..
Brother: ....Not yet..
Me: I killed Captain Ahab
Brother: What?!?!
Me: Yeah..
Brother: *stares*
Me: What? The ****er stole my sandwich!!
Jun 18 2011 1:29PM
I realized today how much I love the Gorillaz.. A lot.
They are pretty much the only real electronic band I can say I like.


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May 8 2012 4:18PM

Broo your my bestfriend too <333 c:
Mar 30 2012 3:53AM

I'm so sorry I was a complete b****. I'm not gonna be a tard too and ask for you back or anything, cuz that would be stupid move on my part. I'm super sorry, can we be friends at least?
Mar 4 2012 11:15PM

Nah its all good, I had forgetten mine for like about a month too lol
Jan 25 2012 3:42AM

. . . I think he died Luigi. :/
Dec 27 2011 4:10PM

My niggah get on
Aug 16 2011 1:46PM

I miss you so much.
You need to get on right now.
Devon I need you.
Get on. I love you. <3
Jul 19 2011 12:37AM

Happppy one month Devon <3
I love you soooooo much !
Jul 16 2011 1:44AM

Devon.. come on.
I miss you, and I'm getting super sad.
I love you, and you should get yo azz on.
So we can talk, kay?
Jul 15 2011 10:36PM

I flippin' miss you.
Just sayin'.
Jul 10 2011 5:01PM

I miss you.
come on soon <3
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